Is your fast-paced lifestyle causing unhealthy digestion?

October 22 2010 | Digestive Health
The average American has a fast-paced lifestyle ruled by a host of unhealthy habits. Most disregard regular exercise, don’t sleep enough, and work too much. Even if you don’t fall victim to one of these poor health habits, you probably eat many meals on the go. And any of these things can leave you victim to the pains of digestive stress.

As far as disease prevention is concerned, nutrition is one of the most influential factors—but somehow it’s also one of the most commonly ignored. All too often, people starve their bodies of proper nutrition by paving the road for poor digestion as they consume unhealthy foods and live a fast-paced, chaotic lifestyle. [More]

Depression hurts. Digestion can help.

October 1 2010 |
Digestion is a subject most people feel uncomfortable discussing, but we all deal with it. And did you know that digestion can considerably affect a person’s mood? Science is beginning to more widely recognize the strong connection between the gut and the brain, as it is in the gut that significant hormones such as serotonin are produced.

Digestion problems can change the production of hormones—the chemicals that tell the brain how to feel. Therefore, imbalanced digestion could mean imbalanced chemicals—ultimately jeopardizing our emotional stability. [More]

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