Liver Health – Why You Should Love Your Liver

May 31 2011 | Liver/Hepatic System | Body System Health
As the second largest organ in the body, liver health plays a significant role in the body’s overall health. The liver is a part of the hepatic portal system, which controls essential glucagon and insulin secretion throughout the body, monitors metabolism and digestion, acts as a detoxifying organ and produces cholesterol as well as blood-clotting substances. If the health of the liver is jeopardized, all other systems in the body are affected. [More]

Digestive Enzymes and Colon Cleansing for Healthy Digestion

May 23 2011 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health | Enzymes
Digestive enzymes enable food’s incredible journey through the body—giving us strength and energy to recharge and live a healthy life. Digestive enzymes act as catalysts as they break down food and make it possible for the body to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Although the digestive system is a powerful one, it’s also very delicate. Taking care of your digestive tract by keeping it clean and providing what it needs plays a major role in the body’s overall health.... [More]

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