Probiotic Supplements For Digestive Health and Immune Strength

August 3 2011 | Body System Health | Digestive Health | Intestinal System
Probiotic supplements can influence your overall health in many ways. Probiotics, better known as good bacteria, help counter the body’s lack of gut flora. Most people view bacteria as harmful, disease-causing microorganisms that attack the body when in fact, probiotics do a great job at fighting infectious, harmful bacteria. [More]

Whole Body Cleansing - Facebook Contest

August 1 2011 | Cleansing/Detox | Intestinal System
In June, NSP hosted a Facebook contest to find out what our customers have to say about their experiences with whole-body cleansing. Here are their stories...

Winning Entry! I was pregnant with our 3rd baby and seeing a midwife. My allergies were absolutely horrible...I'd been taking Seldane and Allegra for years with little relief. Benadryl worked but made me horribly sleepy. So after Abbi was born, my midwife suggested I use CleanStart. After only 1 cleanse, I was totally allergy free. And except for my latex allergy, I have had no problems for the last 7 years! -Bridget Kathleen Armstrong [More]

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