NSP Advances Quality Testing Once Again

July 30 2012 | Product Quality
Nature’s Sunshine is renowned throughout the world for our commitment to quality and the stringent testing we have in place. With the help of our Quality Assurance department, we’re constantly raising the bar for quality testing in the industry. [More]

Share Sunshine Rewards

July 25 2012 | Sunshine Rewards
Nature’s Sunshine wants to provide programs and incentives that bring true benefits to our Managers and members. The Sunshine Rewards program provides a system for our Managers to better serve their customers. It gives customers ongoing savings; the longer they participate the greater the rewards. [More]

Nature’s Sunshine Finds a New Corporate Home

July 19 2012 | News
Twenty years ago, Nature’s Sunshine’s executives and marketing divisions moved to our corporate offices in Provo, Utah. Throughout the years since, Nature’s Sunshine has continued to grow as sales and other groups also made the move to Provo. Just as we have grown over the last two decades, the world around us has too. Today, our offices are somewhat hidden. The building has aged, and it no longer represents our image of the company. Many would say that an upgrade of our corporate offices is long overdue. [More]

The New Stick Pack Machine

July 17 2012 | News
Nature’s Sunshine Products recently acquired a stick pack machine to allow the manufacture of all of our stick pack products in-house. Learn more and see what the machine looks like. [More]

TAC Registration Now Open

July 16 2012 | News | Special Events
Registration for TAC 2012 to beautiful Switzerland is now open. If you’ve qualified, be sure to register before August 3. [More]

Check Out These Great Speakers Coming to Leaders Conference

July 12 2012 | Special Events
Be part of NSP Leaders Conference in Dallas, Texas, Aug. 23–26, and hear from some of the most incredible, inspiring speakers around! Registration ends July 15th. [More]

NSP's Facebook Giveaway

July 10 2012 | Special Events
You know you love NSP swag. We want to give you some...for free! Get the details on NSP's giveaway on Facebook for your chance to win. [More]

Nature's Sunshine's Liquid Herbs

July 4 2012 | Immune Health | Intestinal System | Liquid Herbs | Nervous System | Respiratory Health
Nature’s Sunshine offers a terrific line of liquid herb extracts to support numerous body systems and help make getting herbal support as easy as one or two swallows. Unlike tablets or capsules that require greater digestion, liquid herbs are readily absorbed into the body and can offer rapid support. [More]

Leaders Conference Registration Deadline Extended!

July 3 2012 | Special Events
Fantastic News! Registration has been extended through Sunday, July 15 without a late fee. That means there’s still time for you to sign up to be part of Leaders Conference in Dallas, Texas Aug. 23–26. Join us and discover new methods and tools for taking your NSP business to greater heights! Plus receive excellent product training from industry and NSP experts. [More]

Dr. Melina Jampolis Will Speak at NSP Leaders Conference

July 1 2012 | News | Special Events
Leaders Conference attendees will enjoy hearing from Dr. Melina Jampolis, the diet and fitness expert and regular contributor for CNNHealth.com. Dr. Jampolis is an internist and board-certified physician nutrition specialist (one of just a few hundred in the country). She specializes exclusively in nutrition for weight loss and disease prevention and treatment. She’ll discuss using food as medicine and shine her unique MD perspective on Nature’s Harvest and our Habit of Health program. [More]

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