Reaching the Top of the World: Motivational Lessons From Scaling The 7 Summits -- Healthy Living Radio #2

November 29 2012 | Radio
Susan Ershler, the fourth American woman to climb the Seven Summits, sat down with us to talk about her experience in accomplishing what only a handful of people have ever done. Click here to listen to the interview. [More]

8 Body Hacks to Live a Longer, Healthier Life [Infographic]

November 28 2012 | Brain Health | Exercise | General | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol | Infographic | Nutrition | Respiratory Health | Sleep
The human body is a biological miracle, and can respond quickly to basic rules like diet and exercise. This graphic, which was created from information at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, outlines 5 areas to focus on to live a longer, healthier life. It mostly focuses on what may be a plague of our time: Chronic Inflammation, which is often the cause of things like heart disease, obesity, and cancer. [More]

Kale vs Spinach? Which Wins the Superfood Faceoff? [Infographic]

November 27 2012 | General | Infographic | Nutrition
Kale has been the trendy new health food in recent years, and with good reason. But don't forget about the old standby super food, spinach. Looking at this graphic we made from information provided by USNews, there seems to be a reason behind Popeye's obsession with spinach instead of other green superfoods -- namely perhaps more fiber, protein, calcium and potassium. [More]

8 Powerful Natural Helps for Allergies

November 21 2012 | Respiratory Health
Allergies are a combination of reactions the body has to one or more substances that are usually harmless. They are actually considered an immune response. If the body thinks that a substance is dangerous, it tries to flush it out. And that's where problems can occur. Listed here are 8 natural ways to support that immunity response. [More]

5 Things to Be Grateful For This Year -- Message From Michael Dean, CEO of Nature's Sunshine

November 20 2012 | Nature's Sunshine Business | Nutrition
I regularly mountain bike and ski to take advantage of the amazing mountains here in Utah, and it makes me happy to get out there and be active. Good health can be gone in a second, and we should live each day to the fullest. And so I'm thankful that we're in the business of helping people improve their health. It's a great feeling to wake up day after day, knowing that our products and our efforts are helping millions of people feel better. [More]

How to Make a Pumpkin Pie Smoothie With Nature's Sunshine Shakes

November 19 2012 | Family Health | General
Looking for a healthy alternative to getting your pumpkin fix during the holidays? Here's a delicious option using Vanilla SmartMeal and Chai SmartMeal shakes instead of pies and cookies. [More]

5 Must-See Health Stories of the Week #12

November 16 2012 | Links of the Week
This week's stories of the week include articles from CNN, Huffington Post, The Bahamas Weekly, HealthCastle and PsychCentral. Enjoy. [More]

4 Ways To Support the Respiratory System [Infographic]

November 14 2012 | Respiratory Health
From pollen to pollutants, your respiratory system experiences constant stress from the outside world, making its care and maintenance paramount to your ongoing health. This graphic shows four difference supplements and where how they support the respiratory system. [More]

Why You Can Trust Silver Shield From Nature's Sunshine

November 8 2012 | Immune Health | Product Quality
In a world full of foreign invaders and abused antibiotics, many are turning (again) to colloidal Silver to support the immune system. Nature's Sunshine's Silver Shield goes through a rigorous process to make sure it's pure. [More]

20 Ways to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving

November 6 2012 | Nutrition
Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. For those trying to stick to a weight-management or health program, having a holiday that's centered completely around food may seem like a diet apocalypse. But it doesn't have to. [More]

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