Enter to Win a Home, Healthy & Beauty Essential Oils Pack

February 19 2013 |
We're giving away all 10 essential oils that come in our Home, Health & Beauty Pack. Go here to enter to win. [More]

Why Exercise Makes You Smarter [infographic]

February 19 2013 | Brain Health | Children's Health | Exercise | Infographic
Exercise might be as crucial for your brain as diet is. In fact, studies show a lack of exercise doesn't just affect the body. It also has significant affects on growing brain cells. Mice that ran 3 miles each night doubled their hippocampus size over time. [More]

13 Super Brain Foods You Can Find in the Grocery Store [Infographic]

February 15 2013 | Brain Health | Infographic
A fast-paced world requires us to stay mentally sharp. But the average American diet is doing all it can to keep our brain synapses from firing on all cylinders. Here are 13 foods you can find at the grocery store to help your brain. [More]

Understanding and Strengthening Nervous System Health [Slideshow]

February 14 2013 | Brain Health | Nervous System
The health and function of the entire body is dependent on the health of the nervous system. A variety of factors, including diet, environmental toxins, stress and emotion can affect the nervous system. Watch this slideshow to understand how your nervous system works and how you can help it stay healthy [More]

How to Protect Brain Health for Meaningful and Healthy Aging [Science Update]

February 13 2013 | Brain Health | Nervous System
Scientific and medical wisdom suggest that some degree of cognitive decline is part of the aging process. The possibility of living longer and healthier lives is within reach, but brain health must be preserved while achieving this goal. For this reason, it’s quite encouraging to learn that scientists have discovered that neurological structure and function can be preserved and even restored. We can now offer scientifically substantiated approaches to enhancing our cognitive health. [More]

Get Inspired at NSP National Convention [Video]

February 12 2013 | Special Events | Video
>Each of us is inspired to do certain things every day. This inspiration can come as a result of love, fear, hope, reward, a higher power, many things. At Nature's Sunshine we are at our best when motivated by our mission of healing and helping others find wellness. At this year's national convention, we will celebrate the inspiring people who carry our message to the world. [More]

15 Vitamins and Herbs that Help Lower Stress and Improve Nervous System Function

February 11 2013 | Nervous System
Long-term stress comes at us from a variety of sources: family struggles, financial difficulties, job worries or pressures, relationships, worry about health, the economy, etc. Continuous or repeated activation of the stress response process takes a toll on the nervous system and can lead to burnout, i.e. emotional and nervous exhaustion. Read about 15 vitamins and herbs that help lower stress. [More]

Why Mushrooms Might Be The Ultimate Superfood [Infographic]

February 11 2013 | Body System Health | Circulatory System | Immune Health
For thousands of years, people have been using various types of mushrooms for a range of health benefits. Mushrooms abosorb vitamins, minerals and any nutrient from plants, soil, and wherever they grow. On trees, they often soak up nutrients that have been building for decades, creating powerhouse supplements. Check out our most recent graphic showing some of the benefits of one of nature's true superfoods. [More]

7 Factors that Cause Cognitive Decline

February 6 2013 | Brain Health | Nervous System
Cognition is a group of mental processes that includes attention, memory, producing and understanding language, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Nervous system decline can lead to cognitive impairments, ranging from mild memory loss to dementia. Recent studies have pointed to various factors that may contribute to the gradual decline of mental acuity as we age. The good news is that these factors are at least somewhat preventable when we apply knowledge, good nutrition and healthy habits. Some of those factors that can lead to cognitive decline include: [More]

15 Surprising Facts About the Human Brain [Infographic]

February 5 2013 | Brain Health | Infographic | Nervous System
Did you know your brain has 100,000 miles worth of blood vessels, enough to circle the Earth four times? Did you know there are 100 billion neurons? Did you know 20% of the oxygen you inhale is used by the brain? Click here to see 15 surprising facts about the human brain. [More]

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