How to Detox and Cleanse to Survive a Toxic World [Slideshow]

February 25 2014 | Cleansing/Detox

During Education Week, Sylvia Rogers presented on ways to eliminate the toxins we are bombarded with day in and day out. Those toxins may be the cause of myriad chronic illnesses. You can click through all the slides below, or see all the webinars here.


Redesigning Our Approach to Cleansing Eliminating Functions

  • THE GOAL: To give you the tools to design the programs you personally need


  • CLEANSING/DRAINING: dislodging, breaking down, and moving toxic materials through the body and out through the eliminative channels (CATABOLIC FUNCTIONS)
  • BUILDING/ENERGIZING/HEALING: This involves the constant repair and upkeep of our bodies. (ANABOLIC FUNCTIONS) 

Why We Need to Detoxify Regularly

  • Carcinogenic Chemicals in our Water 
  • Carcinogenic Occupational Toxins 
  • Dietary Sources of Pollutants 
  • Cleaning Chemicals 
  • Personal Care Product Chemicals 
  • Air Pollution 
  • Harmful Xenoestrogen Sources 

The Chemical Load Begins Before Birth " ...up to 232 toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord blood of 10 babies…The findings constitute hard evidence that each child was exposed to a host of dangerous substances while still in its mother’s womb.”



  • In 2007, 4.1 billion pounds of approx. 
  • 650 chemicals were produced by industry and federal facilities.
  • Toxic Inventory Release Database **We have approximately 75,000 chemicals produced to date. We are plagued by cancers of our eliminative channels with lung cancer in the lead followed by colon cancer.
  • Lung cancer: 226,160 new cases yearly Colon cancer: 103,170 new cases yearly Urinary cancer: 141,140 new cases yearly Skin cancer: 81,240 new cases year


***National Cancer Institute 2012

Environmental Medicine

“Chemical compounds ubiquitous in our food, air and water are now found in every person. The bioaccumulation of these compounds in some individuals can lead to a variety of metabolic and system dysfunctions… The primary classes of the most common toxic offenders are solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. Of heavy metals, mercury is the one most individuals are burdened by. The systems most affected…include the immune, neurological and endocrine system.”

** Walter J. Crinnion ND. Alternative Medicine Review, Vol 5, 2000.

According to, 80% of people’s exposure to chemicals occurs in the HOME. EPA (5 year study)-- many homes had chemical levels 70 times higher than that of outside air. Common household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution.

Harmful Estrogens Are Found Everywhere

Foreign or xenoestrogens are found in:


  • The plastic or styrofoam cup holding your morning coffee 
  • The PVC piping used in your homes and lawns 
  • Detergents, cleaners, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, meat, unfiltered water, cosmetics 
  • Microwaving foods in plastic can enhance the transfer of the plastics or phthalates into our bodies.


Universal Chemicals found in Human Fat (EPA stats,1982)


  • Styrene from Styrofoam cups 
  • Dichlorobenzenes from moth balls/deodorants 
  • Xylene from gasoline 
  • Ethylphenol from drinking water 
  • OCDD from wood and treatment chemicals The first 4 are solvents. The 5th is a dioxin. The word, “universal” means that the average person has all of these in their body.


The Benefits of Detoxification?


  • Opening the door to promoting healing and rejuvenation and greater longevity. 
  • May promote slowing degeneration and aging. 
  • It provides an internal shower and tune-up. 
  • To be a personal tool for elimination of toxic waste accumulations, environmental toxins, acids, opportunistic organisms, mucus, excess fat, fluid buildup. 
  • Inspires us to design for ourselves programs for healthier skin and complexion, weight management, reduction or elimination of aches and pains, more energy, more even moods, positive life outlook and more.


Prepare Your Mind to Meet Your Goals

We must have 100% commitment to truly get well. We may have to do some things we enjoy less than others. But what if we could change our thought processes and enjoy it all? That would be huge!! For every belief, there is a result. The faster we change our thinking, the faster the shift that brings the desired result.

Goals of Colon Cleansing


  • To reduce transit time (the time it takes for food to exit the body). 
  • Transit time can range from 10 to 100 hours. 
  • This reduces harmful chemical generation of bowel toxins. 
  • Improve digestion. 
  • To improve absorption of water soluble vitamins (B,C). 
  • To maintain already normal range cholesterol levels. 
  • To reduce the amount of pathogenic organisms. 
  • To increase the natural healthy colon flora A clean environment may reduce toxins reabsorbing into body tissues.


13 Lifestyle Changes to a Healthy Colon


  • Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a queen, Dinner like a pauper. This decreases digestive burden at night. 
  • Chew your food well. 
  • Eat a high fiber diet. 
  • Eat only until satisfied 
  • Eat in a relaxed atmosphere 
  • Drink no more than 6 oz of fluid at a meal. 
  • Avoid milk, juice, and coffee with meals 
  • Make half of your plate fresh, raw, or lightly steamed vegies. 
  • Drink fresh pure water: 8 cups/daily. 
  • Eat pickled vegetables and fermented foods like sauerkraut. 
  • Eat fruit alone. 
  • Exercise 
  • Release hatred, anger, rage, fear, stress, anxiety, worry verbally, and verbally replace with the opposite weekly.


Cleansing Impacts the Kidneys

“Kidneys are the body’s last-route filtering system. If the kidneys don’t work correctly, toxins build up.” -- Cleansing Impacts the Lungs IN CHINESE MEDICINE, the respiratory system governs the mucus balance of the body as well as the voice volume and flow of Chi energy. It belongs to the Metal Element, which includes of principle of immunity and protection to the body. Cleansing Impacts the Sking Elasticity, moisture regulation, and pigment control are only a few of the functions occurring within the skin. This marvelous organ functions as a protective barrier to disease-causing organisms The skin often is a mirror of inner toxicity. It is an eliminative organ. Overload here may signal congestive lymph, colon, and kidneys, and liver. Cleansing Impacts Cellular Health Keeping cells clean has many benefits: Healthy aging Better mental and physical well-being An overall reduction of health challenges

Detox Products to Use

Liquid Chlorophyll Daily

Daily cleansing! Strengthens cells Promotes a strong immune system Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing function of the body Deodorizes the body, including the bowel Supports the female reproductive system and the circulatory system One of our most popular products now Extra Strength


Supports natural daily cleansing of waste Supports natural elimination, no dangerous side effects Energizes, promotes a feeling of well-being Capsule Packet and a Fiber Packet (10 grams) Digestive/fiber cleansers-- Bentonite, Aloe vera, Chlorophyll, Psyllium Colon cleansers (LBS II) --Cascara sagrada, buckthorn, turkey rhubarb Liver and blood cleansers (Envirodetox) -- Burdock, dandelion,red clover, milk thistle

Tiao He Cleanse Periodically with Chinese Liver Balance Formula

Combines Chinese and Western knowledge Supports elimination of waste in the colon Nutritive herbs to support and build digestive and intestinal systems Liver and blood cleansers --Yellow dock, Oregon grape Cellular detoxifiers -- All cell detox, safflowers, gentian Colon cleansers -- LBS II, slippery elm, psyllium, black walnut atc,burdock

How to use Tiao He Cleanse

1 PACKET up to twice daily for 15 days with 8 oz water. Follow with 8 oz water Goal: 2-3 colon evacuations daily Not intended for prolonged use No recommended for children (cascara, buckthorn, turkey rhubarb, ginseng) If stool is too loose, reduce packets.

Children's Cleanse

Liquid Chlorophyll LB extract (promotes regularity) Red Clover extract (facial /liver signs) Black Walnut extract (teeth/healthy flora) Nature’s Harvest or Love and Peas with a little added Fiber of choice

Dieter's Cleanse


Para-Cleanse: 1-2 times yearly

Cleanses the body and creates a healthy intestinal flora Creates an environment inhospitable to invaders

Candida Clear: 1-2 Times a Year

Helps balance the colonization of Candida Supports the body’s immune function Supports the intestinal tract Contains the herbs Pau d’Arco, Oregano, Garlic, Black Walnut, Elecampane Root and Caprylic Acid, Enzymes that break down components in candida’s cell wall. Contains enzymes to which Candida’s cell wall may be vulnerable

YOU Told Us -- When you Cleanse, Make Sure to Eat These Things, Too

January 30 2014 | Cleansing/Detox

In January, we asked our Facebook audience about what their diet should consist of when doing a cleanse or detox program.

The responses were great, and some of them contradicted each other. For instance, some of you said to eat raw foods, and someone else said that's a bad idea. See the discussion and chime in by clicking "comment" in the image below:

Some of the advice includes:


  • Lots of organic fruits and veggies
  • Lots of fiber and antioxidants to remove toxins
  • No junk food, sugar or caffeine
  • Lots of greens
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, cod liver oil and ghee
  • Green juices
  • Lots of water
  • Chlorophyll
  • All Cell Detox
  • Coconut water for hydration


For cleansing and detox products, go here.

A couple of our Facebook fans had some longer comments worthy to requote here:

Steven Schwartz said: 

    "Depends on the cleanse. For the Liver, it should include Lemon (oil) and peppermint oil and chlorophyll. The Master Cleanse could be good for this - do it in the spring when the liver and gall bladder are most active. For the intestines, Psyllium and bentonite are good to use. The Tiao He Cleanse is excellent but I recommend starting slowly. Some of my patients have found it a little to strong for them.

    "Also, do not forget the Para Cleanse - good to add to any of these. Once you establish what kind of cleanse you are going to do, you have to look at your vitality level. If it is very strong and you do not have hypoglycemia or other blood sugar issues, a water fast is great. Next level up would be cleansing and juicing. I generally avoid raw foods. They sound good at first (nutrients not cooked out) but the cellulose membranes on the cell walls are hard to break down and leave the nutrients trapped and not absorbable. Blanching does not over cook them and breaks the cell membrane."

Blayde Thomas said:

    "Depending on the severity of the toxicity of your body... either a raw vegan diet, majority raw diet with cooked/soaked grains, a cooked vegan diet, a free rang vegetarian diet, or grass fed beef with lots of fruits and vegetables. All depends on where YOU personally are and your blood type."

You can see the entire conversation below. Do you disagree with what's said? Do you have anything to add? Please chime in on the discussion:

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Bitter Foods and Herbs

October 16 2013 | Body System Health | Cleansing/Detox

A couple weeks ago in Vegas during Leader's Conference, I sat in on a discussion with some of the best herbalists in the world. One topic that they brought up was the importance of the taste of bitterness in some foods and herbs. The "bitterness" on our taste buds alone is a nutrient, in a sense. The bitterness sends a chemical reaction throughout out bodies and has numerous health benefits. When you sweeten bitter foods, you often destroy the majority of the health benefit of that particular food.

Many nutritionists, herbalists, and other health experts believe that far too many modern industrialized humans are deficient in bitter substances, which in part contributes to our epic rise in digestive related illnesses, inflammatory conditions, immune challenges, diabetes, and more. Source.

In a recent article by the Wall Street Journal, "One study found that only 5% to 8% of the calories we eat are bitter. But the compounds that make foods taste bitter (carotenoids in sweet potatoes and spinach, flavonoids in cranberries and kale, polyphenols in wine) also make them good for us. Consider the initial taste shock of bitter foods such as cranberries, cocoa and kale to be positive, rather than negative. Bitter = healthful.

Here are a few of the health benefits of bitter foods.

1. Helps to absorb nutrients

While bitterness is often perceived as unpleasant, the interaction between bitter constituents in foods and our bitter taste receptors stimulate the production of gastric acid in the stomach. This helps prime the stomach for the food it is about to encounter. “Bitter foods and herbs help to stimulate digestive juices and support food digestion,” says professional dietitian Nicole Dube of Halifax, N.S. “Bitter foods help stimulate our taste receptors on the tongue, which subsequently stimulates enzyme production and bile flow. The better your food is digested, the more nutrients you will absorb from your food. It doesn't matter what you eat, if you can't absorb it, it won't be of much benefit to you.” Dube often recommends eating a dandelion salad for people with digestive problems.

2. Balances taste buds and controls that sweet tooth

The more bitter greens we eat, the more bitter greens we want.

“We all have different sensory levels. It depends on genetics, what you’ve trained your body to like, what your mother ate when you were in utero or what your heritage is,” says Theresa Albert, a Toronto-based registered nutritionist and founder of the website, My Friend in Food. In Ayurvedic tradition, bitter foods are thought to reduce food cravings and aid in weight loss. In TCM, bitter foods are prized for ‘removing heat’ in the body – could that speak to their very modern ‘anti-inflammatory’ benefits? Source.

3. Cleanses the body

Bitter roots and veggies contain fiber to help sweep wastes through the digestive tract. Bitter foods also contain sulfur-based compounds which support the natural detoxification pathways in the liver; helping it to do what it is meant to do – keep your body clean and clear.

“We’re just starting to discover the benefits of greens,” says Albert, who explains that centuries ago, in ancient Chinese and Hindu diets, culinary traditions regularly included bitter foods.

4. Stimulates metabolism

Bitter foods and herbs like green tea have been shown to boost metabolism. Drinking green tea is one of the easiest ways to rev up your metabolism. A study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea-extract increases the metabolism by 4% over a 24-hour period. Green tea has also been shown to inhibit fat absorption—the movement of glucose into fat cells, [support healthy] glucose levels after eating a meal, prevent insulin spikes which prevents fat storage, and reduce appetite. People that choose sweet foods over bitter foods are also at risk for metabolic syndrome. Source.

5. Fights free radicals and stimulates immune function

Recent studies have shown that bitter foods, including dark chocolate, can help fight free radicals in the body. Of course, Bitter foods are usually nutrient dense Bitter foods pack plenty of nutrition into each bite. For instance, beta-carotene for healthy skin; folate for a healthy nervous system; vitamin K for healthy blood clotting and phyto-chemicals for healthy inflammation response, managing cholesterol, balance hormones, detoxify the blood and metabolizes fats. Many greens are also mineral rich; gentle cooking will help make those minerals more bioavailable to the human body.

List of some bitter foods and herbs

There are a wide variety of bitter foods and herbs. Some of them are best taken as a tea to help your body register the bitter taste to get the digestive juices flowing. Some better foods and herbs include:

"One of the most neglected concepts in Western health and nutritional theory is that of balance. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, heavily emphasizes balance when it comes to diet and strives to maintain that over all else. The human body is wired to maintain balance over all else. Imbalances, especially in diet, always cause over compensation in the opposite direction in order to maintain the yin/yang balance that keeps the body in homeostasis. That is why dietary changes are best implemented slowly, so that the body is not thrown into a state of shock and can adjust accordingly.

"In terms of dietary balance, most Westerners severely neglect the bitter flavor/taste element in favor of more appealing and ‘friendly’ choices like sweet or salty. However, this is inherently problematic as the bitter flavor is an essential component of maintaing balance and health. Bitter foods and herbs have many important functions in the body, specifically in regards to the liver, detoxification and digestion – is it not a coincidence that these areas of health are some of the most problematic for Westerners? In fact, ask any acupuncturist which disorder (read: imbalance) is most commonly seen in their practice and they will happily tell you it is liver qi stagnation, which is treated with bitter herbs and foods, among other things.

It’s understandable that people avoid bitter foods as they can be somewhat unpleasant, however, there are many time tested, delicious ways to integrate bitter foods into common recipes. What’s more is that bitter foods usually make you feel great — especially those that directly affect the liver. A few seconds of a bitter taste is very little to go through in exchange for drastically improves health if you ask me…"

- Truth The Brilliance of Bitter By Marc David | Psychology of Eating

How to Obtain Optimal Digestion From Start to Finish [Slideshow]

June 18 2013 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health

Did you know that Americans spend nearly a billion dollars each year on laxative products? In this webinar, Steven Horne shares tips on how to obtain optimal digestion and the resulting health benefits. You’ll also learn how NSP’s top-selling digestion products (Stomach Comfort, Food Enzymes, Proactazyme, LBSII, Gastro Health, Liquid Chlorophyll ES) can support you on your journey to wellness.

Just click through the image below to see the slides:


We know nutrition is important. But, to get the benefit of the food we eat, we also need to be able to digest it properly, absorb and utilize the nutrient, and eliminate waste products efficiently.

Digestive System Functions include three areas:


  1. Manufacture enzymes, HCl, intrinsic factor, mucus, vitamin K and some B-complex in large intestine.
  2. Absorption of nutrients from the small intestine into blood via capillaries.
  3. Re-absorption and elimination of water for reuse, eliminate bile, form feces and produce defecation.


The Process of Digestion Simplified

Chewing physically breaks apart food and starts the digestion of starches and fats. Adequate hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach is required for pepsin to break down proteins.

After food leaves the stomach, bile salts emulsify fats and increase pH (alkalize), while pancreatic and intestinal enzymes complete digestion in the small intestines. Disaccharides are broken down into simple sugars by enzymes from the small intestines.

Digestive Enzyme Facts

Human and animal research has demonstrated that digestive enzyme levels produced by the pancreas reduce with age. Likewise, studies have shown that the ability to secrete hydrochloric acid decreases with age. More than half of people over 60 have low stomach acid.

Bile production may similarly decline. Lack of pancreatic enzymes and hydrochloric acid may be also be associated with many health problems. Dr. Weston Price discovered that the more cooked foods a people consumed, the more cultured foods they ate.

The Importance of Bacterial Balance

The colon is home to a large number of friendly bacteria (probiotics). The small intestines, however, should have low concentrations.

Too many bacteria can interfere with sugar-digesting enzymes and ferment the sugars for food causing excessive gas, bloating and belching. A healthy balance is the key.

Causes of Bacterial Imbalance

Insufficient HCI: HCl is part of our immune system. It helps to disinfect the food we eat and inhibits the growth of microbes in the small intestines.

Lack of peristalsis (migrating motor complexes) In between meals, after food has been digested, peristaltic waves known as migrating motor complexes, sweep microbes out of the small intestines. We experience this as “stomach” rumblings or hunger pains. Motilin is a hormone that causes these movements.

Anthraquinone Glycosides

These are yellow-brown dyes found in herbs and are acted on by intestinal bacteria. They increase peristalsis and inhibit water and electrolyte absorption in the intestines. They do not directly irritate mucus membranes.

Major herbs with Anthraquinones


  • Cascara sagrada 
  • Buckthorn 
  • Turkey rhubarb 
  • Aloes (green part, not the gel) 
  • Senna Yellow Dock (small amount)


Ileocecal Valve Problems

The ileocecal valve is the valve between the small and large intestines. It prevents “back wash” of bacteria and waste material into the small intestines. If this valve doesn’t close properly, material from the colon will migrate into the small intestines.

The Green Blood of Plants

The green color we associate with plants is due to the presence of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll allows plants to capture light energy from the sun and produce carbohydrates, the basic energy source for both plants and people.

Natural Chlorophyll

Natural chlorophyll is built around a molecule of magnesium, surrounded by three nitrogen atoms. Natural chlorophyll (in green plants) is a good source of magnesium and has a mild laxative action. It captures photons (light) and uses this energy to combine carbon dioxide and water to make carbohydrates.

Research on Chlorophyllin

Little research has been done on chlorophyllin as a supplement. Research that has been done suggests that it: Can bind to certain toxins in the intestines inhibiting absorption (specifically polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons found in tobacco smoke, heterocyclic amines found in cooked meat, aflatoxin-B1). Research that has been done suggests that it has a deodorizing effect to reduce stool and body odor.

Source: Linus Pauling Institute,

About Nature's Sunshine's New and Improved Liquid Clorophyll ES

April 18 2013 | Circulatory System | Cleansing/Detox | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol | Immune Health | Liquid Herbs

National Convention heralded the unveiling of our new, improved Liquid Chlorophyll ES. 

Go here to purchase Liquid Clorophyll ES.

Modifying a top-selling product is only done with the utmost caution. It's designed to first promote the blood-cleansing functions of the body with a more potent level of chlorophyll -- the green pigment in plants responsible for harnessing the sun's energy in photosynthesis. The new chlorophyll is also paraben free, which many of our managers had asked for.

Chlorophyll supports your body on the molecular and cellular level, promoting circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health and protects and strengthens healthy cells. This minty-fresh formula also helps neutralize body odors and acts as a natural, "internal" deodorant.


Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.* Promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health* Protects and strengthens healthy cells* Encourages balanced pH levels in the body* Deodorizes the body, including the bowel* Paraben Free*

How It Works:

Protect and Strengthen Healthy Cells. Go extra green. this extra-strength, paraben-free formula features a more potent level of chlorophyll—the green pigment in plants responsible for harnessing the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Known to support your body on both a molecular and cellular level, chlorophyll promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health. Featuring a proprietary chlorophyll complex, this minty fresh formula also helps neutralize body odors and acts as a natural, “internal” deodorant. Boost your energy and overall well-being today with Liquid Chlorophyll ES.*


Proprietary chlorophyll complex—the most critical molecule in the plant world, chlorophyll is found in all green plants and vegetables. It’s particularly concentrated in spinach and wheatgrass.

The sodium copper chlorophyll form contained in Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll ES is soluble in water. With the exception of a magnesium atom, chlorophyll’s structure is identical to hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood, so it is thought to assist with natural blood-cleansing and to support healthy circulation. It also may support digestive health, toxin elimination and regularity. Like curcumin, chlorophyll acts as a particularly potent natural antioxidant that may help keep cells healthy by protecting them from oxidative damage.

Our proprietary complex also includes refreshing spearmint oil, a natural odor fighter. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


8 Nutritional Supplements to Support a Healthy Intestinal System [Infographic]

March 26 2013 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health | Enzymes | Infographic | Intestinal System

The health of your intestinal system may also represent the health of your entire body. Every nutrient first has to be digested and passed through the intestines before it can make it to the other organs. The stomach and intestines are often the first line of defense for your immune system, too.

Nature's Sunshine has plenty of supplements for the intestines. But to make things a bit more clear, we put this graphic together below to help you understand 8 of them and how they could help your intestinal health:

Click to Make Image Larger

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8 Nutritional Supplements that Support a Healthy Intestinal System


Nature’s Three


  • Nature's Three provides insoluble and soluble fiber from psyllium, oat and apple. Both kinds of fiber are critical to a properly functioning intestinal system. 
  • Encourages regular bowel movements
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range




  • LBSII Herbal blend supports the intestinal system, promoting optimal bowel function and clearing the bowels of toxic waste. 
  • Contains cascara sagrada, buckthorn, licorice, capsicum, ginger, Oregon grape, turkey rhubarb, couch grass and red clover


Cascara Sagrada


  • This “sacred bark” has been used by cultures the world over as a nutritional support for waste elimination. Cascara Sagrada acts as an herbal laxative, influences intestinal contraction and supports a clean colon. 


Intestinal Soothe and Build


  • Intestinal Soothe and Build are made up of herbs that soothe and balance the bowel. 
  • Maintains the proper balance of microflora for optimal function. 
  • Also helps relieve occasional bloating pressure, soother the mucous membranes lining the intestinal tract, relaxes the bowl and encourages the removal of toxins. 
  • Contains slippery elm bark, chamomile flowers, plantain leaves, rose hips fruit, bugleweed aerial parts and marshmallow root. 


Aloe Vera Liquid:


  • Aloe Vera Liquid nourishes the digestive and intestinal systems
  • Soothes internal tissues of the digestive and intestinal tracts
  • Contain vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients
  • Supports intestinal health


CleanStart/Tiao He Cleanse


  • Cleansing products (such as CleanStart and Tiao He Cleanse) help rid your body of common colon toxins that affect your overall health and supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of energy and well-being.


Food Enzymes


  • Food Enzymes break down toxins and undigested food to keep your intestinal tract healthy.  
  • One capsule digests: 30 g Protein, 30 g Carbohydrates, 20 g Fat


Probiotic Eleven


  • Probiotic Eleven is a unique combination of healthful friendly  bacteria to help maintain and replenish intestinal supply.  
  • Each capsule contains 6 billion microorganisms. 


Anti-Gas TCM


  • Anti-Gas TCM is a highly concentrated blend of 15 Chinese herbs that support the digestive and detoxifying functions of the body, including the urinary system.  




Why CleanStart is a Comprehensive Approach to Cleansing the Entire Body

March 14 2013 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health

The practice of cleansing the digestive system dates back to ancient Greece. In the United States, cleansing became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Today, it is widely accepted that proper digestion is crucial for overall health.

When digestion is efficient and complete, all of the food you eat is broken down and either utilized or flushed out as waste. When the digestive process is inefficient, partially digested food matter may be left behind in the digestive system. It is theorized that this buildup may produce toxins that can contribute to fatigue and a host of other undesirable symptoms. Sluggish digestion or debris in the bowel may also reduce the efficiency with which the body is able to eliminate toxins and waste products.

CleanStart is a comprehensive approach to cleansing the whole body. It contains laxative herbs to facilitate the cleansing of the intestinal tract. Soothing herbs blended into the formula help support gentle cleansing. Herbs that help rekindle the ability of the digestive system to properly handle digestion, absorption and waste elimination are also part of this product. Because the digestive system is not alone in the waste-elimination process, herbs for detoxifying the accessory organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas) and the urinary system are incorporated into this formula. Blood purification is also an important aspect of body cleansing; hence, reputable blood-purifying herbs are also components of the CleanStart program.

Laxative Herbs

The laxative herbs in this formula help remove toxic debris that build up in the colon. Psyllium and fenugreek seeds are high in fiber and have a bulk laxative action, which helps support optimal gastrointestinal transit. Cascara sagrada, yellow dock, buckthorn and Turkey rhubarb are high in anthraquinones. These substances act on the large intestines, stimulating colon peristalsis to promote elimination.

Marshmallow, licorice, aloe and ginger soothe the digestive system while cleansing. Marshmallow root contains mucilaginous polysaccharides that help protect and soothe tissues. Licorice and ginger are reported to have antispasmodic and gastroprotective effects.

Sarsaparilla, red clover, echinacea, burdock, Oregon grape, couch grass, milk thistle and dandelion are purifying herbs in this pack. They are recommended for periodic “spring cleaning” of the body. Their mild diuretic effects are beneficial in promoting the elimination of toxins via the urinary system. In addition, sarsaparilla, through its sweat-promoting properties, enhances toxin elimination from the lymph and circulatory systems.

Bentonite and sodium copper chlorophyllin are detoxifying ingredients. Bentonite adsorbs toxins, facilitating their removal from the bowel. Sodium copper chlorophyllin is a green pigment found in almost all plants. It has been used to aid in the removal of various toxins via the liver and remains a key compound for improving the function of essential detoxification pathways.

Pepsin, capsicum, potassium citrate and lactobacillus help restore improved function of the digestive system. Anytime a deficiency of proteolytic enzymes exists, bits of undigested protein may remain in the body, causing difficulties. Pepsin supports efficient protein digestion and protects the intestines from foreign invaders. Capsicum is used to improve digestion and relieve occasional gastrointestinal problems. Potassium citrate plays a role in gastric secretion and enzyme reactions, helping to support digestion. Lactobacillus spores were thoughtfully blended into this cleanse to help re-establish the balance of these beneficial organisms. CleanStart is a thorough, yet gentle cleanse that is perfect for just about anyone. The ingredients in CleanStart are incorporated into a capsule packet and a powder drink mix packet (available in Apple-Cinnamon and Wild Berry flavors) that make cleansing easy and convenient.


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11 Reasons Why You Should Detox, and 12 Natural Ways to Make it a Habit

March 11 2013 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health | Intestinal System

"Death begins in the colon." Different sources attribute this quote to The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, Dr. Bernard Jensen and to Elie Metchnikoff, a Russian Nobel Prize-winning biologist.

No matter who said or penned it first, it seems sensible that the organ that houses the body’s waste and toxins for elimination is the same place where adverse health conditions would originate, and, consequently, health should flourish when proper care of this organ is given.


Most of us wash our hands many times a day to remove dirt, food residue and potential bacteria. We soap and scrub our bodies regularly to remove dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria and dirt. It only makes sense to clean the inside of our bodies periodically to help remove unprocessed food material, fiber, environmental pollutants and other debris, and to expel these same items that may be stashed in cells throughout the body. This can be achieved using herbs and nutrients that strengthen the body’s regular cleansing processes and help remove or neutralize toxins. Go here to see a list of Nature's Sunshine cleanses and detox products

Why Cleanse?

Just as cleaning your body’s exterior has many benefits (fresherlooking skin, removing bacteria, improving your scent), cleansing and detoxifying the body on a consistent basis offers many health benefits. These include:

  • Helps remove waste/debris and toxic chemicals (preservatives, artificial colors, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) from the colon and other body cells:
  • Improves digestion (removal of putrid material associated with gas, body odor, etc.)
  • Helps tune up the intestinal system, which has a tendency to get sluggish without proper fiber and water
  • Typically increases energy levels and promotes a feeling of well-being
  • May increase nutrient absorption
  • May increase efficiency of body systems and functions

How Toxic is Your Little Corner of the World?

You don’t have to live in a concrete metropolis to be surrounded by pollutants. Consider these sources of toxic chemicals and fumes, and steer clear where you can.


  • Household products, including cleansers, bleaches, ammonia cleaners, and “air fresheners” that contain powerful chemicals. 
  • Personal care products often contain unsafe compounds. These include some lotions, make-up, nail polish, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, hair spray, etc. 
  • Your lawn. Putting pesticides or herbicides on your lawn can make it healthier and nicer-looking. But the treatments that kill bugs and weeds can harm your cells too. 
  • Your work environment. This can include fumes from gasoline, diesel fuel, paint, thinners, industrial cleaners and such, along with seemingly harmless gases from new carpeting, furniture, etc. 
  • Xenoestrogens. These chemicals mimic estrogen in the body and can throw hormone levels out of balance. They are found in plastic packaging, Styrofoam, some cleaning products and lawn treatments, cosmetics, meat, etc.


To Maintain a Toxin-Free Body, Try to Avoid These:

  • Artificial chemicals, including colorings, flavorings and preservatives 
  • Medicines such as hormones, acid blockers and antibiotics 
  • Polluted environments (air, water, strong chemicals and fumes, etc.)
Did You Know? During active weight loss is an ideal time to cleanse and detoxify. As your body burns up fat, it releases more stored toxins, which need to be removed before they get back into your bloodstream.

The Do's and Dont's of "Detox" Eating

Research shows that certain foods, nutrients and habits can greatly aid the body’s normal detoxification processes. Consider adding the following to your grocery/supplement list and start some new, clean-eating habits.

  • Fresh vegetables, including broccoli, cabbage, kale, onions, garlic, tomatoes, celery, cilantro, artichokes and olives 
  • Fresh fruits, including pomegranate, papaya, berries, grapes, watermelon and cherries 
  • Nuts and legumes 
  • Whole grains (plenty of fiber in general) 
  • Lean meats and eggs 
  • Herbs and spices, including dandelion, burdock, green tea, rosemary, grape seeds, turmeric, licorice root, fenugreek, slippery elm and kelp. Note: mucilaginous herbs may help carry toxins out of the body. 
  • Probiotics. When waste sits in the colon too long, levels of bad bacteria can escalate. Bacteria continue to work on waste matter, creating toxins that may leak through the colon wall and into the bloodstream. Probiotics (friendly bacteria) help rebalance ratios of good bacteria to bad in the colon. They also support digestion and the assimilation of some minerals. 
  • Other nutrients: aloe, antioxidants and B vitamins 
  • Plenty of water 
Cleansing/detoxifying your body two to four times a year should spell excellent news for your intestinal system and promote good health, energy and focus. Show your colon some love, and it will love you right back.


Sources: Detoxification 101 by Dr. Hugo Rodier, Sunshine Horizons, Jan. 2008. The Textbook of Functional Medicine 2005, 2006, The Institute for Functional Medicine


Is Your Road to Good Health Paved with Good Intestines? [Slideshow]

March 7 2013 | Cleansing/Detox | Digestive Health | Enzymes | Intestinal System | Liquid Herbs

The average American diet can wreck havok on the intestinal system. And an unhealthy intestinal system can lead to a host of other problems. If you missed our webinar, you can see the slides below. Go here to listen to the entire thing. 



Small Instestinal System

  1. It reabsorbs water and electrolytes and sends them back into the blood stream.
  2. It eliminates cellular waste and toxins released from cells.
  3. It eliminates digestive by-products and indigestible substances.

Colon Function

  • Includes: large intestine, rectum, and anus
  • Absorbs water and minerals
  • Formation and elimination of waste
  • Houses over 700 species of bacteria, some of which are considered friendly bacteria, that produce vitamin B12, Biotin, and K and  protects us against harmful some bacteria, virus, and fungus.

Did You Know…

  • Your diet directly influences the diversity of microbes in the intestines?
  • Undigested meat and other foods cause mucus buildup in the colon? This buildup produces toxins that enter the blood's circulation?
  • Resisting the urge to have a bowel movement causes waste material to build up and become compacted, leading to constipation?

Intestinal System Challenges

Due to overwhelming stress in our lives, our bodies are struggling to eliminate all the different toxins that accumulate in our cells.

Unhealthy Intestinal System can lead to:

  • Fatigue 
  • Skin issues
  • Occasional diarrhea 
  • Occasional constipation 
  • PMS 
  • Bad breath
  • Occasional gas & bloating
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety & worry
  • Mild age related memory loss and concentration

Transit Time is Key

Colon transit time is about 10 Hours. The longer the transit time, the more toxic the waste becomes. Longer transit times can lead to auto-intoxification through the reabsorption of putrefied and fermented waste. Short or quick transit times result in occasional diarrhea. 

Causes of Occasional Constipation

Causes of constipation can include stress, medication, poor dietary habits, inadequate fiber, dehydration and lack of exercise. 

14 Questions to Know if Your Colon is Healthy

  1. Do you use tobacco?
  2. Do you drink alcohol daily?
  3. Do you exercise less than 3 times a week for 30 minutes?
  4. Do you eat 4 oz (size of a deck of cards) of red meat more than 3 times per week?
  5. Are you overweight?
  6. Do you eat fried foods?
  7. Do you eat processed meats? (i.e. hot dogs, lunch meat, etc.)
  8. Do you have less than two bowel movements per day?
  9. Is your stool hard and dry?
  10. Can you have a bowel movement without straining?
  11. Do you delay your bowel movements?
  12. Do you eat less than 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?
  13. Do you consume less than 25 grams of fiber per day? (One apple contains 5 grams)
  14. Do you have a stressful lifestyle?

A Few Standard American Diet Number

  • Avg. national daily calorie consumption: 3,770 
  • Avg. global daily calorie consumption: 2,833 
  • National overweight and obese children: 33% 
  • Global overweight and obese children: 
  • 12% National annual sugar consumption: 
  • 142 pounds per person National percentage of fast food as part of daily diet: 55%

Dietary Suggestions to Maintain a Healthy Intestinal System

  • Eat more whole grains
  • Avoid "white" bread, replace it with whole-grain breads with at least 4 grams of fiber per serving
  • As you increase your fiber intake, drink at least 8 glasses of fluids a day
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are the natural choice
  • Slowly increase your intake of healthful foods, allowing your digestive tract to adjust
  • Beans are an excellent source of fiber
  • Read package labels to compare fiber content

Nutritional Supplements that Support a Healthy Intestinal System

Aloe Vera Liquid:

  • Nourishes the digestive and intestinal systems
  • Soothes internal tissues of the digestive and intestinal tracts
  • Contain vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients
  • Supports intestinal health
  • Supports the intestinal system
  • Is an excellent source of soluble fiber
  • Encourages regular bowel movements
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range
  •  14-day cleansing product that helps rid your body of common colon toxins that affect your overall health and supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of energy and well-being.
  • Break down toxins and undigested food to keep your intestinal tract healthy.  
  • One capsule digests: 
  • 30 g Protein 
  • 30 g Carbohydrates
  • 20 g Fat
  • A unique combination of healthful friendly  bacteria to help maintain and replenish intestinal supply.  
  • Each capsule contains 6 billion microorganisms. 

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