How to Build a Herbal Medicine Cabinet [Slideshow]

February 26 2014 | Digestive Health | Family Health | Immune Health | Nervous System | Respiratory Health

Last week, Laurence Smith presented a webinar on how to build a herbal medicine cabinet. These are his personal essential tips and life-saving methods to being naturally prepared and equipped for any urgent health situation. Check out the slides below, or see the all the webinars from Education Week here.


If you can't see the slides, below is the text:

Why Would You Need a Herbal First Aid Kit?

There are many health concerns that could and should be handled at home.  The sooner there is intervention, the sooner the healing process begins.  It is important to have natural products on hand that can immediately be used when a person feels "out of sorts".  

Developing a Natural Medicine Cabinet and First Aid Kit

Provides peace of mind knowing that you have basic remedies on hand. Gives you the opportunity to practice using herbs in a non-emergency situation, and build your confidence in both yourself and these natural products – and caring for common complaints at home.


These should be separated into Primary Products, Secondary Products, Specialty Products and Programs:


Primary Products

  • Silver Shield 
  • Silver Shield Gel 
  • Elderberry D3fence 
  • VS-C 
  • Golden Seal 
  • Echinacea  
  • Mullein 
  • LBS II 
  • Oregon Grape 
  • Distress Remedy


Secondary Products

  • Echinacea 
  • Cascara Sagrada 
  • Capsicum 
  • Black Ointment 
  • Charcoal 
  • Tei Fu Oil 
  • Tei Fu Lotion 
  • Golden Salve


Specialty Products

ALJ capsules & liquid APS II Aloe Vera Gel Catnip/Fennel Cranberry-Buchu HistaBlock Lobelia Papaya Mint Peppermint Oil Stomach Comfort Tea Tree Oil Zinc Lozenges

Primary Products

The Silver Solution -- Silver Shield -- "Second Immune System." The very minute ionized particles of silver, suspended in pure water aid in immune system defense for maximum bioavailability. It works quickly when ingested. The very minute ionized particles of silver, suspended in pure water aid in immune system defense for maximum bioavailability. It works quickly when ingested. Silver Shield is cell-structure specific—any single cell organism is subject to silver.

Elderberry D3fense -- Supports the immune system and contains naturally derived Vitamin D3.

VS-C -- Vital Shield for the immune system, it's an immune-system Stimulant – Chinese (was HRP-C). It's Effective with l-lysine and nourishes the liver. It promotes a healthy respiratory tract.

Goldenseal -- Maintains a strong immune system, supports mucus membranes throughout the body. 

Mullein -- supports healthy ears and lungs and may help soothe the respiratory system. 

LBS II --  A lower bowel stimulant formula and Support that strengthens the colon and increases peristalsis. It improves digestion, reduces gas and cramping, and helps the growth of friendly bacteria.

Oregon Grape -- Supports the immune system and is easily assimilated in the body. 

Distress Remedy -- Flower essence version of Bach's Rescue Remedy and is for a variety of emotionally stressful situations. 


Secondary Products

Ultimate Echinacea -- Potent immune system stimulant and lymphatic cleanser. Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea angustifolia. Directly stimulates the immune system.

Cascara Sagrada -- A stimulant laxative for a moving experience. "Sacred Bark" root is a popular treatment for occasional constipation because it is not habit-forming. It is used to increase the secretion of digestive fluids, create large soft bowel movements, and stimulate the peristaltic action of the colon.

Capsicum -- The hot pepper that cools pain after exercise or muscle overuse. Capsicum can be applied directly to the skin or swallowed. It is one of the most versatile stimulant herbs known. It is a digestive aid, relieves pain after exercise or muscle overuse, and itching palms and feet. Provides digestive and circulatory support.

Activated Charcoal -- Used to support the body's cleansing and detoxification mechanisms. Ability to "attract" and absorb. Removes toxins from the body. Absorbs intestinal gas.

Tei Fu -- Tei Fu Essential Oils and Tei Fu Massage Lotion. These stimulating aromatic oils are cleansing and mood enhancing.

Golden Salve -- Soothing salve that helps moisturize tissues. Use on any external tissue. Supports healthy skin and soothes and moisturizes dry skin.

Black Ointment -- Drawing salve that helps tighten, tone and firm the skin.


Specialty Products

APS II (w/White Willow Bark) -- Chemically similar to salicylic acid. Salicin appears to help prevent the production of prostaglandins. Includes valerian root to provide additional nervous system support, including promoting feelings of relaxation.

Relief Formula -- Pain relief formula after exercise or muscle overuse, also for sore muscles or sore back.

Products that encourage a healthy inflammatory response after exercise or muscle overuse: CurcuminBP, IF-C, Triple Relief, Licorice, Omega-3, Thai-Go.

Individual Products

ALJ -- Lung support. Helps soothe irritated tissues. Provides effective respiratory system support.

Aloe Vera Gel -- Soothes the skin. It spreads on and penetrates quickly. Use generously and keep the skin moist.

Catnip and Fennel -- Although the flavor is mild enough for an infant, you can also rub the liquid on baby's back and abdomen. Also try some on the back of the tongue to expel occasional painful gas or control hiccups.

Cranberry and Buchu -- Cranberry juice does contain substances that support a healthy urinary tract.

Histablock -- Supports the respiratory system in its battle against pollutants and toxins, especially during the changing seasons. Stabilizes immune cells.  

Lobelia -- Muscle-relaxing respiratory and lymphatic stimulant. Relaxing, antispasmodic, supports the respiratory system. Larger doses can bring on nausea. This is cleansing; not a reaction to "poison."  

Papaya Mint Chewable Tablets -- Tasty digestive stimulant. Papaya fruit contains proteolytic enzymes that function in the digestion of protein, while peppermint leaves contain aromatic compounds capable of triggering the production of digestive fluids.  

Pau d'Arco Capsules -- Strengthens and supports the immune system. Fortifies against foreign invaders.

Peppermint Oil -- Digestive aid and Freshens breath.

Stomach Comfort -- Helps neutralize acid and soothes the stomach and is a pH-balancing formula that provides natural ingredients to help nutritionally support digestion in times of occasional stomach upset. Contains calcium carbonate, which is alkaline in nature and helps buffer acid. Helps neutralize acid.

Tea Tree Oil -- The wonder from down under.

Zinc Lozenges -- Help Take the Bite out of Winter. Lozenges dissolve slowly in the mouth, releasing beneficial nutrients to the body. Zinc supports the respiratory, immune and glandular systems.


Colon Health --Artemesia Combination, Black Walnut concentrate,Herbal Pumpkin and Fossil Shell Flour.  

Digestive Health -- GastroHealth aids the digestive system, soothes the stomach, ,inimizes occasional gastric heartburn, acid indigestion, and discomfort.

Acting Quickly in an Emergency

Food Poisoning -- Activated Charcoal (Always call Poison Control Center first. If they recommend inducing vomiting, use Lobelia. Lobelia – emetic, Distress Remedy and Capsicum.

For Skin Issues

Use Black Ointment for a drawing salve, Aloe Vera Gel to moisten the skin, Silver Shield gel, Tei Fu Oil, Lavendar Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

For Pain

Use Relief Formula for minor muscular aches and pains following exercise, APS II and Tei-Fu Massage Lotion may promote muscle relaxation for aching and tense muscles. Also use Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, and Curcumin.

For Digestive Issues

Catnip and Fennel for occasional gas, occasional mild acid indigestion, occasional bloating. Activated Charcoal for bloating, absorbs gas.

For Occasional constipation and diarrhea use activated Charcoal, LBS II or Cascara Segrada. Peppermint Oil promotes digestion.

For the Nervous System

For occasional sleeplessness, nervousness, and situational anxiety, use Distress Remedy and Lobelia, which calms nerves and muscle tension. Topically, use Lavender Oil to promote restful sleep, Peppermint Oil for muscle tension and Tei Fu Oil/Lotion for muscle tension due to stress.

11 Simple Tips for Preventing a Cold or Flu

January 20 2014 | Immune Health


It goes without saying that washing your hands with soap and warm water is the most important thing you can do to prevent getting sick. But did you know that drying your hands is just as important? Germs cling to skin more easily when it’s wet.


But don’t cover them with your hands. Instead, sneeze into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.


Cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose and mouth.


Aerobic exercise speeds up the heart to pump larger quantities of blood and can increase the activity of a type of white blood cell that attacks viruses.


Proper nutrition provides the body with the elements it needs to fight the battle. Cut back on sugary and fatty foods, and increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and lean protein.


Heavy smokers get more frequent and severe colds, because smoke dries out nasal passages and destroys cilia, the hair-like fibers in your nose that sweep cold and flu viruses out of the nasal passages.


Alcohol suppresses the part of the immune system that protects you from getting sick and the part that fights germs already in your system. Instead, reach for water, which is especially important to fight the dehydrating effects of dry winter air. Immune system cells need sufficient moisture to work optimally.


Research has found that happiness, laughter and pleasurable activities boost the immune response. So participate in relaxation practices, such as meditation, and get a massage.


While you sleep your body repairs cells and injuries from a normal day’s wear and tear. Seven to nine hours of sleep a night allows your body to repair and heal itself and ward off infections.


No double dipping in the chip and dip bowl. Or biting your fingernails. Or licking your thumb to clean the smudge off your child’s face.


Certain places are known germ hotspots. Clean and sanitize purse handles, door handles, stair railings, computer keyboards, phones, toothbrushes, restaurant menus, grocery carts, gas pumps and remote controls.

9 Natural Immune Boosters

January 17 2014 | Immune Health

A vital immune system can mean the difference between a pleasant winter and a miserable one. Do your part to help your body stay strong with help from these gifts from Mother Nature:

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The root and leaves of this purple coneflower have been used for centuries by American Indians and Europeans to boost immunity. Echinacea triggers the body’s white blood cells to attack unwanted invaders. According to research, it can significantly increase the body’s white blood cell count. Specifically, this herb increases the body’s count of T-cells, interferon, interleukin and immunoglobulin.


Believe it or not, your gut is a key part of your immune system. And eating plenty of friendly bacteria (probiotics) helps strengthen your immunity!

A recent study published in Postgraduate Medicine found that women who took a daily probiotic had higher levels of T-cells. T-cells are special white blood cells that support the immune system. So say “Yum!” to yogurt or get crazy for sauerkraut. But check the labels. Some yogurts offer very minimal amounts of friendly flora. Consider taking a quality probiotic supplement.


Many of us hit the orange juice or eat extra oranges or grapefruits during the winter months. Citrus and other red fruits and veggies (red peppers, strawberries and even leafy greens) contain vitamin C, which helps protect and support the immune system. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system, supports eye health and more.


Long-cherished for its support of the bones, vitamin D3 (the sunlight vitamin) is opening eyes for its immune-system benefits. Researchers are studying this nutrient to find out how it helps support immunity. It appears to help regulate the function of lymphocytes (an important type of white blood cells), the production of cytokines (another key white blood cell) and the activity of macrophages (protein messengers vital to immune function).


This flavorful and aromatic member of the onion family stimulates the production of important white blood cells. Garlic also helps quench free radicals in the bloodstream. It even supports heart health.


The western U.S. and Canada are home to the Sambucus nigra or elderberry. Its properties have been studied by many scientists, and for good reason! It contains principals that stimulate the body to make cytokines, a type of protein molecule that enhances the immune system’s response to attacks. This dark-colored berry also contains powerful antioxidants, including anthocyanins.


Most people think of mushrooms as a flavor enhancer or use them to bulk up a dish. But some mushrooms offer much more than that. Researchers have found that reishi and cordyceps mushrooms contain chemicals that offer a host of immune benefits, including boosting the immune system and offering lung support. And, guys, it may help with prostate health as well!


This essential trace mineral supports the body’s immunity and aids with nerve function. Zinc seems to work the best when taken at the first sign of concern.


Hold the pimientos. We’re talking about olive leaf here, not cocktail garnishes or pizza toppings. The leaves of this Mediterranean staple offer a powerhouse of protection against unwanted invaders. Olive leaf contains a bitter compound called oleuropein that also provides fabulous support to the circulatory system. And it battles free radical damage.



  1. Minimize stress. 
  2. Stay active. 
  3. Eat a healthful diet. Steer clear of sugary and high-fat foods, which can slow and/or weaken immune response. 
  4. Socialize. People with friends have stronger immune systems than those who feel alone. Of course, try not to socialize with people who are sick ;)


About Nature's Sunshine's New and Improved Liquid Clorophyll ES

April 18 2013 | Circulatory System | Cleansing/Detox | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol | Immune Health | Liquid Herbs

National Convention heralded the unveiling of our new, improved Liquid Chlorophyll ES. 

Go here to purchase Liquid Clorophyll ES.

Modifying a top-selling product is only done with the utmost caution. It's designed to first promote the blood-cleansing functions of the body with a more potent level of chlorophyll -- the green pigment in plants responsible for harnessing the sun's energy in photosynthesis. The new chlorophyll is also paraben free, which many of our managers had asked for.

Chlorophyll supports your body on the molecular and cellular level, promoting circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health and protects and strengthens healthy cells. This minty-fresh formula also helps neutralize body odors and acts as a natural, "internal" deodorant.


Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body.* Promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health* Protects and strengthens healthy cells* Encourages balanced pH levels in the body* Deodorizes the body, including the bowel* Paraben Free*

How It Works:

Protect and Strengthen Healthy Cells. Go extra green. this extra-strength, paraben-free formula features a more potent level of chlorophyll—the green pigment in plants responsible for harnessing the sun’s energy in photosynthesis. Known to support your body on both a molecular and cellular level, chlorophyll promotes circulatory, intestinal, digestive and immune health. Featuring a proprietary chlorophyll complex, this minty fresh formula also helps neutralize body odors and acts as a natural, “internal” deodorant. Boost your energy and overall well-being today with Liquid Chlorophyll ES.*


Proprietary chlorophyll complex—the most critical molecule in the plant world, chlorophyll is found in all green plants and vegetables. It’s particularly concentrated in spinach and wheatgrass.

The sodium copper chlorophyll form contained in Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll ES is soluble in water. With the exception of a magnesium atom, chlorophyll’s structure is identical to hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood, so it is thought to assist with natural blood-cleansing and to support healthy circulation. It also may support digestive health, toxin elimination and regularity. Like curcumin, chlorophyll acts as a particularly potent natural antioxidant that may help keep cells healthy by protecting them from oxidative damage.

Our proprietary complex also includes refreshing spearmint oil, a natural odor fighter. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Why Mushrooms Might Be The Ultimate Superfood [Infographic]

February 11 2013 | Body System Health | Circulatory System | Immune Health

For thousands of years, people have been using various types of mushrooms for a range of health benefits. Mushrooms abosorb vitamins, minerals and any nutrient from plants, soil, and wherever they grow. On trees, they often soak up nutrients that have been building for decades, creating powerhouse supplements. Check out our most recent graphic showing some of the benefits of one of nature's true superfoods. Click the image to make it bigger.

You can find mushrooms in the following Nature's Sunshine Supplements: Immune StimulatorCollustrum with Immune Factors and Cordyceps.

Click to Make Image Larger



The Fungi Your Immune System Has Been Waiting For

  • Did you know humans have more in common with fungi than any other kingdom?  We share the same pathogens, meaning bacteria and viruses. 
  • Chinese medicine has used mushrooms for over 1,000 years.
  • 50 years of research has yielded very positive results, particularly for immune health. 

Why Your Immune System Loves Mushrooms

  • Polysaccharides, enzymes, proteins and antioxidants! 
  • Several prominent polysaccharides, including beta-glucans, actually stimulate, or turn on, your body’s natural defense mechanisms. 

Where do mushrooms get these beneficial compounds? 

  • From the mushroom’s host -- usually a tree or other plant that has absorbed and stored healthful nutrients for decades. 
  • Mushrooms embrace and soak up these special nutrients, transforming into a little medicinal powerhouses.

Health benefits of Mushrooms:

  • Increased longevity
  • Improved blood flow
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar normalization
  • Liver protection
  • Kidney support
  • Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties
  • Respiratory support
  • Decreased platelet aggregation
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Improved skin and hair
  • Increased stamina 

Mushrooms are Packed with These Vitamins and Minerals

  • Niacin
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron 
  • Panthothenic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Selenium
  • Thiamin

It’s best to blend several mushroom species. A good trio includes: 

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi has been called the “Mushroom of Immortality,” and has been used in Asia for thousands of years.  It has ganoderic acid, which is being used to support cellular abnormalities.

Other Benefits: 

  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Regulation of the immune system
  • Normalization of blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

Shiitake Mushroom

A key component of Shiitake is Lentinan, which has been found to protect the liver and provide relief for a variety of stomach ailments. Lentinan has also been linked to combating illnesses that attack the immune system. 

Other Benefits:

  • May offer anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal effects
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels,
  • Reduces platelet aggregation
  • Supports lower cholesterol levels

Cordyceps Mushroom

Called “Caterpillar Fungus,” Cordyceps is unique in that it grows out of an insect host rather than a plant host. This parasitic mushroom has a long and storied history in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine. Cordyceps is perhaps best known as the supplement that members of the Chinese women’s track and field team used in training before they broke several records in 1993 and 1994. Team members tested negative for using illegal substances, and their coach revealed that the athletes’ diets were supplemented with a Chinese “caterpillar fungus.”

A natural Chinese supplement, cordyceps benefits several body systems, including the circulatory, immune, respiratory and glandular systems. Cordyceps has properties similar to those of ginseng and is traditionally used to help the body build strength and endurance. In traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps has been used to benefit the glandular system in both women and men. In addition, cordyceps supports the kidneys, aids the upper respiratory tract and may help the body maintain proper blood viscosity.

Other Benefits: 

  • Increases ATP production, improving strength and endurance
  • Offers anti-aging effects
  • Protects the liver and kidneys,
  • Increases blood flow & normalizes cholesterol levels


Mushrooms are extremely hearty organisms that thrive in good, and bad, environments. In ideal conditions, they absorb and concentrate healthful compounds. In poor conditions, they absorb and concentrate unhealthy, harmful, and even deadly substances. Be sure your mushrooms come from a reputable, safely grown source. 

Sources:, and


4 OTHER Ways to Support the Immune System

January 28 2013 | Immune Health

For the immune system, things like Vitamin C, Echinacea, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D, etc. is common knowledge. But there is much more that can also help the immune system work efficiently.

Here are 4 other ways to support the immune system. They include supplements that help the lymphatic system, thyroid, spleen, and something else that helps stimulate the immune system into action by producing macrophage, T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells and cytokines. 



Lymphomax is a blend of reported blood-purifying, cleansing and supporting herbs for the respiratory and lymphatic systems. Mullein helps promote natural respiratory function. Lobelia contains lobeline, an ingredient that helps stimulate the respiratory system, which supports breathing function. Plantain may help protect the liver against cellular damage due to its antioxidant effects, and it helps maintain the lymphatic system. Cleavers (also known as clivers) has reported diuretic, astringent and tonic effects. This herb is used historically to cleanse the lymphatic and other glandular systems. Red root is traditionally used for supporting the lymph system. It contains components that help make the body environment more acceptable to microorganic balance.


Mullein leaves, bayberry root bark, clivers aerial parts, plantain leaves, alfalfa aerial parts, chamomile flowers, echinacea root, yarrow aerial parts, garlic bulb, red root, lobelia aerial parts and chlorophyll.


Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support is a blend of nutritional and herbal supplements specially designed to nourish the thyroid gland and to support the actions of the thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormones regulate many body functions, including oxygen use, basal metabolic rate, cellular metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature.


Vitamin B6, zinc, copper, manganese, l-tyrosine, kelp leaves and stems, thyroid substance, nettle leaves, protease blend, pituitary substance and hypothalamus substance.

Immune Stimulator

Immune Stimulator provides powerful support for the immune system. Beta-glucans stimulate the immune system into action. By tricking the body into thinking it's being attacked, they increase the production of macrophages, T-cells, B-cells, natural killer cells and cytokines, all of which strengthens the body’s natural defense system.

Arabinogalactan stimulates natural killer cell and macrophage activity. It also helps increase Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus flora, two beneficial types of bacteria. Rich in protein and immune-enhancing transfer factors, colostrum supports the immune system of the newborn. It also helps protect beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal tract to bolster defenses. Reishi and maitake mushroom are thought to boost immune activity, increase the activation of natural killer cells and activate macrophages. Cordyceps increases T-cell and B-cell activity, important to immune response.


Beta-glucans, arabinogalactan, colostrum, cordyceps mycelia, reishi mushroom mycelia and maitake whole mushroom.

Spleen Activator

When you want to restore strength to the body, the best place to start is with the digestive and circulatory systems. Proper nutrient absorption and an efficient transport system allow the whole body to be more easily strengthened. Spleen Activator is based on the remarkable effects of both ginseng root and licorice root. Both are considered key glandular nutrients. Ginseng is world renowned as an anti-aging supplement, and licorice aids both digestion and adrenal function. These two plants are favored more than any other in the entire Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia. Fifteen other herbs support these functions and add their own benefits to magnify or balance all others in the formula.


Concentrated extract of ginseng root, astragalus root, atractylodes rhizome, hoelen sclerotium, dioscorea rhizome, lotus seed, chaenomeles fruit, citrus peel, galangal rhizome, ginger rhizome, hyacinth bean, licorice root, magnolia bark, tang-kuei root, typhonium rhizome, cardamon fruit and zanthoxylum hull of seed.



49 Basic Nutritional Supplements For An All-Around Healthy Body [Infographic]

December 10 2012 | Body System Health | Brain Health | Circulatory System | Digestive Health | General | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol | Immune Health | Infographic | Intestinal System | Men's Health | Nervous System | Nutrition | Respiratory Health

There are a lot of nutritional supplements out there. For some, it can be daunting to know what to take, and what parts of the body they benefit.

This graphic shows some basic nutrients that support the skin, brain, eyes, lungs, intestines, bones, colon, joints, muscles and heart. If you want to dig further into a specific area, and go beyond these basic nutrients, try out our Health Assesment quiz to see what could help you for your specific needs.  


Click to see larger image:


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Supplements for the Heart:

  • Omega 3 EFAs
  • Soluble Fiber
  • B-Complex Vitamins
  • Reservatrol
  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Vitamins A, C, and E

Supplements for Muscles:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • B Vitamins
  • Antioxidants

Supplements for Joints:

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Calcium and Vitamin D
  • Antioxidants

Supplements for the Colon:

  • Fiber

Supplements for Bones:

  • Calcium and Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B12

Supplements for Digestion

  • Fiber
  • Probiotics

Supplements for the Lungs

  • Lycopene
  • Beta-carotene
  • Lutein
  • Resveratrol

Supplements for Eyes

  • Vitamins A, C, and E
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Beta-carotene
  • Selenium

Supplements for the Brain

  • Omega 3 EFAs
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin E

Supplements for the Skin

  • Silica
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins A, C, and E
  • Omega 3 EFAs


Why You Can Trust Silver Shield From Nature's Sunshine

November 8 2012 | Immune Health | Product Quality

About Silver Shield from Nature's Sunshine


Silver Shield delivers an exclusive 18 parts per million of pure silver that stays suspended in purified, deionized water.

Recent studies by major universities have shown Silver Shield to be an effective immune system booster, discouraging unwanted invaders and making it the perfect addition to your immune-health arsenal. Nature's Sunshine also offers Silver Shield Gel.

Silver Shield technology is charged with two electrons, which contrasts with the single electron used in common colloidal silver. This increases the ability of the silver particles to repeatedly destory targeted pathogens (Current Science Res, 2007). 

Why Silver Shield?

  • Increasing concern about antibiotics
  • Non-toxic; poses no risk of heavy metal contamination
  • 90 mcg silver per serving
  • Supports the immune system
  • May not affect beneficial bacteria
  • Fine particle-size colloids for maximum bioavailability


Aqua Sol Technology


Nature's Sunshine uses Aqua Sol Technology, which represents the latest advancement in colloidal silver. With Aqua Sol Technology, silver particles with an interior of elemental silver and an exterior of ionic silver oxide are placed in a colloidal suspension in water. 

The result is fine, particlesized colloids with 99% bioavailability. The silver is processed by the kidneys and may not affect populations of beneficial bacteria.


How Nature's Sunshine Ensures High Quality Silver Solutions


With every product, we take extra steps to make sure what you put into your body is pure, potent and free of any pollutants. It's no different with Silver Shield.

Here's how we do it: 

Nature's Sunshine's Quality Control department tests the potency of Silver Shield using the Inductively Coupled Plasma–mass Spectrometry, or as we refer to it, the ICP-MS. 


The inside of the ICP-MS that tests the potency of Silver Shield

This instrument in our mineral lab detects part per trillion (ppt) level for silver as well as contaminates such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. 

This testing assures that each teaspoon contains 18 ppm or 90 micrograms/ teaspoon of silver.

It also assures the product is not contaminated with other minerals or contaminations. In addition, the micro lab tests for any microbial contamination such as molds, yeast, E. coli, salmonella,  and staph.

It is manufactured using a patented process with strict quality control. The result is fine, particle-sized colloids with 99% bioavailability.

Or in other words, with Silver Shield, you get a pure silver sollution you can trust. 



How Our CEO Uses Nature's Sunshine Products to Support His Health

October 18 2012 | Children's Health | Immune Health | Product Quality

By Michael Dean, CEO of Nature's Sunshine Products

I cannot count the number of personal testimonials I’ve heard from colleagues and distributors from around the world, attesting to the power of our people and our quality products.

After 40 years, I can only imagine how many millions of people Nature's Sunshine has helped in their lives and with their health. It is staggering to me, and it humbles me to think of the impact that we had as a company, as a family and as individuals.

I’d like to share my own testimonial. While my story is not amazing or overwhelming, it is personal and true.

Nature's Harvest green drink was a hit at Dallas Leaders Conference.

When I joined Nature's Sunshine, I was new to the business of helping people with their health, as I had come from industries that were not related to health and wellness. I also did not have a full appreciation of the value of dietary supplementation. I have very rarely taken pharmaceuticals, including virtually no use of pain killers or aspirin. I did not take vitamins or herbs either, nor did I see much reason to (mistakenly!).

How Nature's Sunshine Has Supported Health in Michael's Family


I have enjoyed excellent health my whole life, without a single serious illness, and I have never stayed a night in a hospital or even broken a bone. I am not a good customer for doctors, having provided them little to prescribe. The joke among my buddies is that I’m the healthiest man alive (they somehow meant it as an insult, but I still don’t get the joke).

However, I now have three kids that are 11 years and under. And for the last decade, I seem to have contracted almost every cold and flu that they had. I don’t get too sick and I recover quickly, but I contract the sickness nonetheless. As long as you don’t ask me at the time of sickness, I will tell you that it is a reasonable cost of being close to my children. This has happened several times every single year without fail.

When I became the CEO of Nature's Sunshine, it was important for me to begin using our products so that I could have firsthand familiarity and understanding of them. I have used a regimen of products (Super Trio®, SmartMealNature’s Harvest, Nutri-Calm® and many more) almost every day now for nearly three years.

And I think I’ve had only one stuffy nose during this entire time. Nature’s Sunshine products clearly provides my immune system with the support it needs. My kids continued to get the typical seasonal colds and illnesses, so of course, I now have them taking our products, too. The only thing left is to get their entire schools on Nature's Sunshine products, and then we’ll have all of our bases covered! And maybe a few future distributors? Okay, I’ve gone too far.

So you see, my story is not miraculous, and perhaps many of you have similar ones. But then, we impact lives in ways both big and small. All that matters is that we help. I am clearly healthier now that I use Nature's Sunshine products daily.

This is my small story, but it is a part of why I have such belief in what we do and such optimism for our future.


About Michael Dean

Michael D. Dean is the President and CEO of Nature’s Sunshine and serves as a member of the Board of Nature’s Sunshine Products. Prior, Mr. Dean served as Chief Executive Officer of Mediaur Technologies Inc., responsible for all aspects of the privately-owned satellite technology company that provides proprietary antenna system solutions for both private industries and governments. Before joining Mediaur, Mr. Dean worked at The Walt Disney Company from 1997 to 2003. He was Executive Vice President of ABC Cable Networks, a multi-billion dollar global division of Disney, where he was responsible for the non-creative, day-to-day business, including Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Finance, Legal, Broadcasting Operations, IT, Human Resources, and Business Development. Earlier at Disney, he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Planning and Development, responsible for all corporate strategy, development and deal work in Disney’s broadcasting, cable, and film studio businesses. Before Disney, Mr. Dean was a strategy consultant with Bain & Company and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

23 Facts About the Immune System and 14 Ways to Strengthen it [Slideshow]

September 13 2012 | Body System Health | Immune Health | Respiratory Health

The immune defense system is the most diverse and fascinating of all the body systems. It's extremely complex and intricate. To help support your immune system, it's important to understand first how it works and the natural ways your body fights off disease and foreign invaders.

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