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April 13 2014 | Nature's Sunshine Business | News

It's been a long time coming, but our newly designed website is finally here. There are a lot of advantages to the new site. It (should be) faster. It's better for viewing and shopping from a phone or tablet or any mobile device. It has better photos and a modern design.

However, we know that for some of you who are used to the old one and might be confused about some things like how to sign in, seeing your bonus statement, rapid entry, order history, and viewing specials.

Hopefully most of those potential issues are self-explanatory once you get on the site and play around. But if you have some questions, we put together a simple tips page to help answer your questions. 

Below are some tips and some of the most popular pages and how to find them on our site. To see the entire tips page, go here:


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Popular Pages

If there are some other pages you can't find, here is a list of some of the most popular pages:



How Did Felix Baumgartner's Heart Cope in Record Jump?

October 16 2012 | News

When skydiver Felix Baumgartner jumped 24 miles to the earth -- and breaking world records and the sound barrier in the process -- his heart rate and breathing rate was closely monitored to understand the particular stresses his body would endure. 

Some of the data being released is actually quite staggering, and reinforces the wonders of the human body.

"You could get a true picture of how his body was transforming, adapting and performing in comparison to the different stresses and strains he was going through," said Anmol Sood, Chief Executive of Equivital, the company that provided the equipment that checked the sydiver's vital signs during the jump. "Would that be breaking sound barrier at 833 miles per hour, or would that be going through launching and having the nervousness of preparing for that launch?"

Sood sat down with the BBC to talk about some of his company's observations regarding the launch and the first third of the freefall. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Felix was carrying about 30 kilograms on his back
  • He experienced adrenaline rush, pressure to perform, and nervousness 
  • His heart rate during the launch phase averaged about 60 beats per minute as he was ascending from the ground. 
  • His breathing rate was about 12-14 beats per minute 
  • The average resting heart rate for a fit, healthy 43-year-old man would be about 60 beats per minute
  • His heart rate between on the first third of the jump was 160-180 beats per minute, including when he was spinning -- about what a middle-aged man would get to during exercise.

Why School Lunch is Now a Threat to National Security

September 25 2012 | Children's Health | Family Health | General | News | Nutrition

Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and now ... School Lunch.

That's the story in a new report, "Still Too Fat to Fight," from a group of about 300 retired military leaders. They say all the extra calories consumed by young people are making them "too fat to fight." And with too many fat kids, there won't be enough able bodies to protect the United States. 

"Three-quarters of those ages 17 to 24, or about 26 million young people, cannot serve in the military, a quarter of them because they are overweight or obese, says retired Air Force lieutenant general Norman Seip, a spokesman for Mission: Readiness, which advocates policies that would help young Americans get ready to serve."

"We look at childhood obesity not only as a health crisis but a national security issue," Seip said. "When 25% of young people can't join the military simply because they are overweight, that's an issue that needs to be dealt with."

In 1946, the military came out with something similar to change eating habits in schools. But back then, it wasn't that there were too many empty calories -- it was because there wasn't enough nurishment. They helped pass the original National School Lunch program to make sure kids got enough to eat. 

Main Points From "Still Too Fat to Fight"


While the debate may roll on about whether or not a fat kid can launch rockets as well as throwing down potato chips, the report does bring up some serious issues. Some of those include:

  • 40% of students who buy high-calorie, low-nutrient junk food from school vending machines and cafeteria a la carte lines consume an average of 130 calories a day from those types of foods (candy, chips, cookies, pastries). That's roughly 5% to 10% of the calories kids and teens should eat in a day.

  • Junk food adds up to 400 billion "empty" calories in a year or the calories in almost 2 billion candy bars, which would weigh almost 90,000 tons, more than the weight of the aircraft carrier Midway (70,000 tons).

  • Three-quarters of those ages 17 to 24, or about 26 million young people, cannot serve in the military, a quarter of them because they are overweight or obese.

  • About a third of children and teens are obese or overweight, putting kids at a greater risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other health problems.

  • Obesity is still climbing among boys ages 12 to 19.

  • Male rates of being overweight or obese (73%) in the U.S. are already higher than those of any other major country.

  • Many accepted recruits are diverted to special training to address inadequate physical fitness before they can even begin basic training.

  • About 40% of elementary, middle and high school students -- 16 million school kids -- bought and consumed junk food and sugar-sweetened drinks on any given day.
This report is just part of a trend of people wanting the government to step in to control obesity. Last week, after New York passsed a bill to limit soft drinks, the New York Health Chief said governments should regulate food companies on unhealthy ingredients in products that contribute to obesity, an epidemic that now affects 1-in-3 Americans and costs the U.S. $150 billion a year. 

"This is a team effort. This is not a spectator sport," Seip said in a USAToday article. "There's a role for everyone to play -- whether it be parents, government, schools, the medical community, food and beverage industry -- to turn the childhood obesity epidemic around."

But what do you think?

While there are serious issues around our children's diet, is it school lunch that should be regulated? And do you think it's really a national security issue? What are some ways to help children -- and everyone else for that matter -- get proper nutrition? Comment on our Facebook discussion about this topic


Company Systems to Briefly Go Offline for Move

August 1 2012 | News

Over the last year, Nature’s Sunshine has tirelessly worked to upgrade our physical facilities here in Utah. Throughout the month of August, these efforts will come to fruition as our corporate offices relocate to a newly constructed building in Lehi, Utah while our IT, Customer Service, Order Sales and several other departments move to our refurbished Spanish Fork facility.

Though it hasn’t received as much publicity, one of the most important aspects of our move is the transition of our Data Center to a new, state-of-the-art co-location facility. As we make this transition, our company systems will unavoidably experience a small window of downtime on the weekend of August 10. All of our company systems will be down beginning at 8 p.m. (Mountain Daylight Time) on Friday, August 10. Systems will gradually return to service starting late Saturday night, August 11, with full service expected to be restored by 5 p.m. (MDT) Sunday evening.

This means that all company websites, email, call centers, and every other aspect of business that relies on systems access will be down during this timeframe on a global basis. During this period, Nature’s Sunshine will not have the ability to take orders.

This is a critical transition for our company, and we’re very excited about the benefits offered by this new facility. Our new Data Center will be better equipped with more robust servers, networks and systems, including power generators, redundant connectivity and significantly increased bandwidth. It represents a focused investment in our current services and future growth, making it much easier to expand our systems to improve performance and meet the needs of our employees and distributors around the world.

We want to thank you in advance for your patience throughout this move. As our systems connect us with the world, and connect you to your business, we understand their importance and will work ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Nature’s Sunshine Finds a New Corporate Home

July 19 2012 | News

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well it’s about time.”

Nature’s Sunshine’s executives and marketing divisions moved to our corporate offices in Provo, Utah over 20 years ago. Throughout the years since, Nature’s Sunshine has continued to grow as sales and other groups also made the move to Provo. Just as we have grown over the last two decades, the world around us has too. Today, our offices are somewhat hidden. The building has aged, and it no longer represents our image of the company. Many people would say that an upgrade of our corporate offices is long overdue.

Nature's Sunshine New Offices Lehi Utah from NSP on Vimeo.

With that in mind, last fall Nature’s Sunshine put in motion a plan to move our corporate offices to a brand new building in a burgeoning area of the Utah Valley. This new building represents a tremendous investment in our future as it offers a host of benefits to our company and our distributors.

Located in Thanksgiving Park at the north end of the Utah Valley, it gives us access to a broader population and talent pool from which to recruit employees to support our future growth. Our new office also features a brand and product showcase that’s open to the public and space for distributor training meetings, events and other activities.

Highly visible, as it’s situated just off the main highway, Nature’s Sunshine’s new corporate office will become a destination for our distributors and a point of pride for our employees, as it better reflects the image we want others to have our company.

Our Lehi office isn’t the only news we have, however. We’re also renovating areas of our Spanish Fork manufacturing plant, so check back for an update on that project in the coming days. As we get closer to our move date, we’ll also give you a glimpse at what it takes to move a 40-year-old company. Stay tuned!

The New Stick Pack Machine

July 17 2012 | News

Nature’s Sunshine Products recently acquired a stick pack machine to allow the manufacture of all of our stick pack products in-house. Stick Packs are single-use powder drinks packaged in a convenient plastic “stick” that can be torn across the top and poured into water for easy mixing. Nature’s Sunshine uses stick packs in its Solstic® line of products and in the drink mix portion of CleanStart®.

Previously, stick pack packaging was outsourced. Purchasing the stick pack machine allows Nature’s Sunshine better control over the quality of the product and a shorter lead time. Within the next six months, NSP will also install a machine that will count and package all of the stick packs into cartons, further improving packaging quality and turn-around time.

Try NSP’s stick pack products, including the Solstic line: Cardio, Energy, Immune, Revive and Twenty-Four. And our stick packs as a part of CleanStart Wild Berry and CleanStart Apple-Cinnamon.

TAC Registration Now Open

July 16 2012 | News | Special Events

Registration for TAC 2012 to beautiful Switzerland is now open. If you’ve qualified, be sure to register before August 3.

This year’s TAC trip will take you to Montreux, Interlaken, Zermatt and Lucerne, where you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty and charm of Switzerland. Then watch this video and imagine yourself there with us September 27–October 4.

Thursday, September 27
Travel to Switzerland.

Friday, September 28
Arrive and settle in at the gorgeous Montreux Palace on the banks of Lake Geneva. The Montreux Palace is a five-star, old world hotel, which will serve as the host site for our opening banquet that evening.

Saturday, September 29
After a morning meeting, you will be free to explore Lake Geneva, Montreux or take optional tours to Gruyere, Chillon Castle, Yvoire or Geneva.

Sunday, September 30
You’ll be transported to quaint Zermatt for a day trip to this town at the base of the world-famous Matterhorn. No cars are allowed in Zermatt, so be prepared for a peaceful day of exploring, shopping and eating at street-side cafes. And don’t miss the delectable Swiss pastries.

Monday, October 1
Climb aboard and enjoy a scenic train ride to Interlaken, surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Interlaken is the jumping-off point for all kinds of Alpine adventures. After a day of sightseeing in Interlaken, continue on the train to Lucerne.

Tuesday, October 2
Explore Lucerne, which was founded in the 8th century by Charlemagne’s father. It is known for its beauty and charm. You could also take an optional trip to Bern or Zurich.

Wednesday, October 3
Spend the day exploring, then join us for a farewell dinner cruise on Lake Lucerne.

Thursday, October 4
Departures back to U.S.

Register for TAC today!

Dr. Melina Jampolis Will Speak at NSP Leaders Conference

July 1 2012 | News | Special Events

Dr. Melina Jampolis

Leaders Conference attendees will enjoy hearing from Dr. Melina Jampolis, the diet and fitness expert and regular contributor for Dr. Jampolis is an internist and board-certified physician nutrition specialist (one of just a few hundred in the country). She specializes exclusively in nutrition for weight loss and disease prevention and treatment. She’ll discuss using food as medicine and shine her unique MD perspective on Nature’s Harvest and our Habit of Health program.

Craig Dalley, NSP Vice President of Worldwide Sales, said, “We are thrilled to have Dr. Melina attend our Leaders Conference and share her expertise. Her message on eating the right foods for health maintenance and disease prevention will absolutely strike a chord with NSP managers and their health-conscious customers.”

A graduate of Tufts University and Tufts School of Medicine, Dr. Jampolis completed her residency in internal medicine at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. In 2005, she hosted Fit TV’s Diet Doctor on the Discovery Network’s FIT TV. She is the chief medical officer of smartnow and serves as a member of the advisory board and a regular contributor to and Heart Healthy Living. In January 2010, she joined the medical advisory board of Better Homes & Gardens.

Dr. Melina lectures throughout the country on nutrition for weight loss and optimal health. She has been interviewed by numerous newspapers and magazines and has appeared multiple times on daytime TV shows, including the Dr. Oz. show, CNN, FOX News channel and FOX Business Network. She also wrote The No-Time-to-Lose-Diet. Dr. Melina teaches a balanced and sustainable lifestyle-based eating and exercise program and has helped thousands of clients over the past eight years improve their health and well-being.

Hear Dr. Melina in person! Join Nature’s Sunshine at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas, Texas for our annual Leaders Conference Aug. 23–26. Don’t miss this opportunity to mingle with other NSP leaders and get business and product training from the experts. Register for Leaders Conference.

Leaders Conference Registration Begins Today!

June 18 2012 | News | Special Events

The Leaders Conference is where NSP members learn to become business leaders. Join us this August 23–26 in Dallas at the Intercontinental Hotel for four days of incomparable instruction. You’ll receive focused business training from industry leaders and get the latest product information and business strategies.

You’ll also be among the first to see Medical, Inc., a brand-new documentary on the healthcare system that features Nature’s Sunshine and some of its managers. Leaders Conference attendees will take home their own copy of this powerful look inside the medical industry. It’s sure to be a great tool to open the door to new business.

And, don’t forget that $35,000 worth of prizes—including a brand new Ford Fiesta—will be given away at Leaders Conference to those who qualified for the Sunshine Rewards Enrollment Challenge. It’s not too late to qualify for these prizes. Enroll at least 16 people in Sunshine Rewards by June 30th. For more information, click here.

Leaders Conference registration runs through July 6. (You can register after July 6 with a late fee.) Cost for one person is $350, and couples cost $500. Take advantage of our two-for-one deal by bringing a member or manager who has never attended Leaders Conference. You and your new guest must register separately and indicate that you will attend together. You each pay full price at registration ($350) and will each receive a rebate (of $175) after the conference.

Hotel rooms are just $119 per night, and that includes a full breakfast daily for two adults. Call 1-972-386-6000 before July 27 to reserve a room. Use the group code NSP.

For complete details, or to register, click here. We’ll see you in Dallas!

Global Rising Stars Plant Tour

June 5 2012 | General | Special Events | News

Nature's Sunshine Manufacturing PlantOur Spanish Fork manufacturing facility played host to our Global Rising Stars for a special, behind-the-scenes look at what separates Nature’s Sunshine from our competitors in the marketplace. Over 60 up-and-coming distributors from 16 countries across the globe joined us as we visited with staff and executives throughout the day.

The highlight of our Rising Star event, our plant tour gives an in-depth look at our Quality Assurance, Research and Development, and Manufacturing departments. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the individuals responsible for developing, testing and producing our industry-leading products. As a special treat, our Global Rising Stars also got some hands-on experience testing raw materials and developing their very own herbal formulation.

In our stop with Quality Assurance, attendees had the opportunity to test ingredients in our Herb Lab to identify the raw material and verify its potency. In our Microbiological Lab, participants worked with NSP scientists to test raw materials for microbiological contamination. Working side by side with our experts, they learned about the hundreds of tests used to ensure the purity and efficacy of Nature’s Sunshine products.

In our Research and Development department, our Rising Stars worked in the pilot lab to formulate and produce their own herbal combination. By collaborating with our R&D staff, they learned about the process of product development and what it takes to make a world-class product.

The manufacturing tour gives attendees the opportunity to witness the painstaking efforts we make to produce the finest products on the market. They learn all about our pharmaceutical-grade production equipment and the good manufacturing practices we use to guarantee the quality of every batch of products.

NSP distributors often hear about the quality of Nature’s Sunshine products, but only our Rising Stars get to see for themselves what goes into that claim. After the Rising Star experience, they can say with absolute certainty that Nature’s Sunshine has the highest quality products on the market today, and that testimony will strengthen their business and help fuel their growth in the years to come. 

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