Going Solar Makes Us More Sustainable

Jan 31, 2023 | Sustainability

In 2022, Nature’s Sunshine celebrates 50 years of helping people discover the healing power of nature with our pure, potent and proven health supplements. As we reflect on the path we have traveled for five decades, we also use this milestone to reimagine our company for the next 50 years!

A large part of this reimagination process has been devoted to our renewed commitment to protecting nature and creating a healthier planet by becoming an even more sustainable company. After all, without nature, our company and its products wouldn’t exist, so we want to help preserve our Earth and its life-giving nutrients for future generations.

Our reimagined sustainability focus includes lofty goals for waste reduction, lower energy consumption, 100% responsible sourcing, sustainable product packaging and otherwise reducing our carbon footprint.

It Only Makes Sense… 

That a company called Nature’s Sunshine would harness actual sunshine to power production. In July, we announced that our world-class manufacturing facility now runs on 100% solar energy. That means that the ONLY source of power we use to run our 250,000 square foot plant, labs and warehouse space is…the SUN. So every capsule, tablet, bulk powder and liquid shipped to our customers from Utah is now created exclusively with solar power.

True Sunshine Power 

This step makes Nature’s Sunshine one of Utah’s very first solar powered companies. It also:  

  • Reduces the total power usage at our manufacturing plant by 25% 
  • Immediately reduces our CO2 emissions by 42% 
  • Means that 91% of our US operations and 82% of our global operations are powered by the sun 

We’ve also been able to power our corporate offices with 50% solar energy!

Other Goals in Our Commitment to Sustainability 

  • Minimize waste to landfill 
  • Support farmers through sustainable sourcing 
  • Support other eco-friendly initiatives

We believe that every energy-conserving step we take helps preserve our planet’s resources for the future. And all of this makes us one of the best solar-powered companies around! Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.