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CA Concentrated ATC (50 Capsules)

CA Concentrated ATC (50 Capsules)

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  • Passionflower is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid (in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress).

How It Works:

CA Concentrated ATC is a herbal formula which contains ancient alfalfa with other herbs historically known for their naturallyoccurring nutritional value and which supports the structural and nervous systems.


Medicinal Ingredients:Each capsule contains alfalfa herb top 58 mg, marshmallow root 49 mg, slippery elm stem bark 49 mg, oat fruit hull 41 mg of a 10:1 extract, Irish moss thallus 34 mg, alfalfa herb top 29 mg of an 8:1 extract, marshmallow root 25 mg of an 8:1 extract, thyme leaf 25 mg, slippery elm stem bark 25 mg of an 8:1 extract, oat fruit hull 23 mg of an 8:1 extract, Irish moss thallus 20 mg of an 8:1 extract, passionflower herb top 17 mg, thyme leaf 7 mg of an 8:1 extract and passionflower herb top 4 mg of an 8:1 extract. Non-Medicinal Ingredients: gelatin and corn syrup solids.

Recommended Use:

Dosage (adults): Take three capsules twice daily a few hours before or after taking other medications/health products.

Product Label

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