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Sharing Sunshine Rewards

Benefits for the upline manager:

  • All regular commissions and manager overrides are paid as they normally would be.
  • Your member's Sunshine Rewards QV will contribute to your Group QV as it always did.
  • Help more of your customers stay on their programs longer so they can truly FEEL the difference.

Benefits for the Sunshine Rewards participant:

  • Participants get FREE SHIPPING on their monthly order (save $11–20 every month).
  • Participants earn Sunshine Points toward free product (redeemable anytime).
  • Participants receive more Sunshine Points the longer they maintain their monthly order.

More benefits of the Sunshine Rewards program.

Enrolling Others in Sunshine Rewards

To enroll others in the Sunshine Rewards program on our Website, you must first sign-out of your account. Once signed-out you can help your member enroll in the program under their account number (or as a sign up order).

You cannot enroll someone else in the program while your account is signed-in (or logged-in) to

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