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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Do To Sign Up As An Affiliate?

Simply accept the affiliate agreement. This can be done quickly, easily and at no cost right on our website.

How Do I Benefit As An Affiliate At Nature’s Sunshine?

As an Affiliate, you can choose how you get rewarded for your sharing activities. While Customers will always receive product credit, Affiliates can choose to be paid in product credit or cash.

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate?

You will be paid approximately 30 minutes after a customer you refer makes a purchase in your choice of product credit or cash. To receive payment in cash, Affiliates must set up a an account with PayQuicker. Anyone who becomes an Affiliate will be prompted to set up a PayQuicker account.

If I Choose Product Credit Rewards, How Do I Redeem It?

When you’re ready to use your product credit, just select product credit when choosing a payment method when you place an order. You can use all or part of your product credit balance.

How Much Can I Earn As A Nature’s Sunshine Affiliate?

Affiliates earn 15% of the dollar amount spent by all Customers linked to your account.

Do I Have To Do Anything To Stay Active As An Affiliate?
  • Yes. Make a purchase of any size every 90 days.
  • Or, refer at least one new Customer every 90 days.
  • Or, become a Premium Customer, which keeps you eligible for pay for a year.