How to Use NSP's New Website

April 13 2014 | Nature's Sunshine Business | News
It's been a long time coming, but our newly designed website is finally here. There are a lot of advantages to the new site. It (should be) faster. It's better for viewing and shopping from a phone or tablet or any mobile device. It has better photos and a modern design. However, we know that for some of you who are used to the old one and might be confused about some things like how to sign in, seeing your bonus statement, rapid entry, order history, and viewing specials. [More]

How Equolibrium Supports Healthy Prostate Function and Cell Replication

April 1 2014 | Men's Health
Last week we introduced our newest product, "Equolibrium." Exclusive to Nature’s Sunshine, Equolibrium harnesses the power of equol, a powerful antioxidant that supports the prostate through a multi-faceted approach. [More]

How to Build a Herbal Medicine Cabinet [Slideshow]

February 26 2014 | Digestive Health | Family Health | Immune Health | Nervous System | Respiratory Health
Last week, Laurence Smith presented a webinar on how to build a herbal medicine cabinet. These are his personal essential tips and life-saving methods to being naturally prepared and equipped for any urgent health situation. [More]

How to Detox and Cleanse to Survive a Toxic World [Slideshow]

February 25 2014 | Cleansing/Detox
See Sylvia Rogers' presentation on how to eliminate the toxins we are bombarded with every day. [More]

How the Cardiovascular Machine Works [Infographic]

February 24 2014 | Body System Health | Circulatory System | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol
The cardiocascular system is a fined-tune machine that makes sure everything in the body is getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It starts with every breath. Take a deep breath, inhale and peruse our newest graphic. [More]

12 Key Nutrients for Heart Health [Infographic]

February 19 2014 | Circulatory System | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol
There are a lot of nutrients and supplements that can support heart health, and if you ask different people, each person will have their favorite. In this graphic, we tried to narrow it down to 12 key nutrients that may support the health of that muscle that works so hard to keep you alive every day. [More]

8 Ways Exercise Helps Your Heart [Infographic]

February 11 2014 | Heart Healthy/Cholesterol
Whether you hit the gym, sweat to the oldies, shake your groove thing or make it burn, moving your body around on purpose helps your heart be healthy. Click here to see 8 ways exercise helps the heart stay healthy. [More]

15 Warning Signs of Heart Problems [Infographic]

February 3 2014 | Circulatory System
When it comes to your heart, you don't want to take any chances. Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but many instances could have been saved if people knew the symptoms and called their doctor, or 9-1-1, immediately. We put this graphic together after researching 14 of the major warning signs that your heart might be in trouble. [More]

YOU Told Us -- When you Cleanse, Make Sure to Eat These Things, Too

January 30 2014 | Cleansing/Detox
In January, we asked our Facebook audience about what their diet should consist of when doing a cleanse or detox program. The responses were great, and some of them contradicted each other. For instance, some of you said to eat raw foods, and someone else said that's a bad idea. See the discussion and chime in here. [More]

11 Simple Tips for Preventing a Cold or Flu

January 20 2014 | Immune Health
There are many simple ways you can prevent a cold or flu. Here are 11 of them, starting with, of course, washing your hands. [More]

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