6 Tips for Making Resolutions into Realizations

Dec 20, 2021 | Fitness, Health & Wellness, Products

Every year we have the opportunity to review our lives and make adjustments or improvements. But setting goals shouldn’t feel like having teeth pulled. It should blend a bit of discovery mixed with determination and adventure.

6 Tips for Successful Goal Setting

Get the most from your new year by setting better goals. Start with what you desire. Then create action steps that will get you there. Follow these tips for maximum success. Make your goals:

  1. It’s nice to have big dreams. But start with reality. On your way to becoming a millionaire, save $100 every paycheck. Your goal might be big, but go after it in bite-size chunks.
  2. Word your goals in a way that allows you to measure your success. Like Spend 10 minutes a day cleaning my room vs. Keep my room clean.
  3. Variable. Set goals in every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, social, etc.
  4. Viewable and Reviewable. A goal not written down is just a wish. But don’t set it and forget it. Write your goals down and keep them where you’ll see them often. Then plan time to review your progress regularly (maybe every Sunday night) and refocus where needed. It’s 100% ok to adjust your goals along the way!
  5. Sociable. Involve a spouse, friend or family member in your new commitments. Friends help us be more accountable, provide helpful support or feedback, and even act as a workout or walking partner.
  6. Lovable. Tell yourself daily that you are great and that you’re worth the time and effort your goal requires. You can do anything! Tap into the power of positive thinking and watch your life improve.

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