Billions of Friends

Dec 2, 2022 | Health & Wellness, Products

A healthy gut is a happy gut. And unfortunately, a lot of guts are unhappy. Whether it’s showing up on your skin, through indigestion, lack of sleep, or fatigue, your body gives you many signs that signal the gut is imbalanced. Our gut is made of bacteria, both good and bad. When certain bacteria become too prominent, or you take antibiotics, it can upset the balance of beneficial bacteria and affect the health and function of various body systems. If you’re in need of new friends, over 35 billion of them to be exact, and a healthy gut, Probiotic Eleven is for you.   


  • Aids in the digestive process  
  • Supports a healthy gut environment  
  • Provides 11 strains of friendly bacteria  
  • Contains prebiotics which may improve the growth of friendly microorganisms 


The blend in each capsule contains both prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics serve as food for the probiotics to help them thrive in your intestines. Having the unique blend this supplement offers will help you to digest food better, promote intestinal and circulatory health, and strengthen your immune system. It will also help enhance mineral absorption, and support bowel health and function.  

One of the specific strains featured is Lactobacillus rhamnosus. This bacteria produces lactase, which breaks down the lactose sugars found in dairy.


The word probiotic means, “for life”. Werner Kollath, a German scientist believed that these living microorganisms were essential for a healthy life. The positive effects of probiotics can be traced back to an observation of rural Bulgarian people who ate fermented, probiotic-rich foods such as yogurt.  


Showing up for your body means prioritizing gut health. Bad digestion, leaky gut, and everything in between are signs that you could use a few more pre and probiotics for your gut. You’ll feel good knowing this blend will strengthen the gut biome and its resident-friendly flora.  

Plus, who wouldn’t want billions of friends?