Boost Your Exercise Efforts with Better Supplementation

Oct 12, 2021 | Fitness, Products

 When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s common knowledge to incorporate daily exercise. Moving your body can be a great way to improve both physical and mental wellness.  

Whether your workout reasons include goals such as losing weight, relieving stress, or simply creating some designated ‘me time’, it’s important to get the most out of your routine to ensure a full return on your exercise investments. Adding supplementation to your fitness program can improve and even maximize your efforts.  

Start With the Proper Fuel  

Achieving the best results often begins before you even start exercising. Feeding your body with better nutrients can bolster your fitness efforts and ensure longer-lasting results.  

For example, pre-workout supplements are a good way to kickstart your body and prime it for successful exercise.  

Rejuvenaid by Nature’s Sunshine is a natural, clinically studied, nitric oxide-generating supplement. This patent-pending formula supports two pathways to help the body produce higher levels of nitric oxide—a unique signaling molecule that improves blood flow and circulation.  

Rejuvenaid’s benefits include: 
  • Cardiovascular and heart health function 
  • Healthy blood pressure 
  • Decreased body fat 
  • Improved energy production 
  • Increased exercise capacity and stamina 
  • Supports optimal brain circulation 
  • Healthy sexual performance  
  • Pomegranate Citrus Flavor 

Improving blood flow and overall circulation helps keep your body in optimal shape since vital organs—like your heart—are better able to receive, distribute, and absorb key nutrients and other crucial substances like oxygen. 

Beginning your workout with Rejuvenaid is a great way to prepare your body for peak physical performance with greater stamina and vitality.  

Support Performance from the Inside Out 

Another valuable part of any workout routine is supporting your muscles and joints while you push toward your goals. It’s critical to give your joints, muscles, and structural system the necessary support to avoid unwanted injuries or discomfort.  

Joint Support does just that! With its proprietary formula, Joint Support safeguards the vital structure of your body by maintaining joint tissue and fortifying your skeletal system. 

This exclusive formula: 
  • Supports structural and joint health  
  • Includes a botanical blend for natural support  
  • Features wild-crafted, non-GMO, vegan and Kosher-certified ingredients 

A popular Nature’s Sunshine supplement, Joint Support includes specific ingredients like Valerian, to help relieve body stress, White Willow, naturally derived from salicin to reduce structural discomfort, and Bromelain, a digestive enzyme that breaks down protein in the body to fuel joint support. 

Refresh and Restore  

A proper workout is never finished until you’ve cooled down, replenished valuable nutrients and given your body time to rest. Doing so helps renew your body’s natural energy levels while also helping your muscles recover.  

Created by Nature’s Sunshine, Solstic Revive is designed to replenish your body’s vital nutrients that might be lost during exercise. With a delicious, natural strawberry lemonade flavor, it’s easier than ever to drink to better wellness after your workouts.  

This unique product helps: 
  • Replace electrolytes lost through exercise or stress 
  • Support joint and cartilage health 
  • Provide amino acids for muscular support 
  • Boost energy and endurance 

Solstic Revive incorporates key ingredients such as B Vitamins, electrolytes, and glucosamine. B Vitamins are water soluble and need to be consistently replenished after sweating during work outs, while electrolytes and glucosamine work together to support joint tissue and muscle function. 

Whether you enjoy crisscrossing through the mountains on a bike, deeply stretching with meditative yoga, or pumping weights to build muscle strength, adding natural supplementation to your preferred exercise routine can help improve your performance for a more rewarding outcome.  

And when it comes to Nature’s Sunshine, you can be confident that your chosen supplements are made with clean, potent ingredients— all of which come together to create powerful and effective wellness solutions.