Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022!

Jan 14, 2022 | Health & Wellness

We’ve welcomed in a New Year with the start of 2022. As we reflect on 2021, we can also begin looking forward to what this New Year can bring.  

To help you achieve better success, and support you in setting effective goals, we’ve compiled a few points for you to consider as you plan your future year.  

Reflect on Past Success – Before you start hustling for change, take a moment to contemplate the various successes you had during 2021.  

Looking back on all that you achieved can not only boost your self-esteem but showcase everything you were able to accomplish during difficult times—something you should be proud of.  

Doing so will also allow you to notice your personal growth and help guide your goal setting. You’ll realize what you’ve already achieved and what you can continue to accomplish when you put forth effort.  

Prioritize Your Health – Focusing on improving your health and wellness can make a big difference in how you feel and act, as you’re able to provide your body with adequate support. 

Whether you’re aiming to improve your diet with more nutritious foods or wanting to up your exercises to three times a week, doing so will help strengthen your body for better wellness overall.  

Plus, exercise helps to relieve stress by reducing the amount of cortisol distributed through your body. It also actively fights unhappiness by releasing endorphins, or “happy hormones” to help boost your mood.  

Have Mental Mindfulness – Your mental health is just as vital to overall wellness as your physical health. This New Year set aside 10 minutes every day to reflect and mediate on your work, life goals, and overall direction.  

According to research, these few minutes can add up to a host of benefits, including reduced stress, emotional balance, and enhanced focus.  

Additionally, taking time to contemplate helps to increase creativity, memory capacity, and self-awareness—something that can be essential to help you manage a busy day or packed WFH (work from home) schedule.  

Make Personal Connections – This New Year, try to continue making connections with those you love.  

Studies show that connecting with others can help reduce stress and depression. In fact, the vagus nerve, which calms the body and decreases cortisol release, responds to human connectivity.  

Although it can be difficult to stay in-touch with friends and family, simply reaching out to loved ones via text, or through FaceTime, can still stimulate that human connection.  

Add Supportive Nutrition – We all need a bit of extra help when it comes to completing our goals, and health is no different.  

Fuel your body with natural nutrition and supplementation to support your wellness goals. With proprietary formulas and superior ingredients, Nature’s Sunshine provides better health with every supplement.  

With a fresh start, and clean slate, 2022 is bringing new opportunities for your continued wellness and success. So, whatever goals you set for this New Year, know that Nature’s Sunshine is here to support you.