Green, Fresh & Powerful Shining a Light on Liquid Chlorophyll

Nov 3, 2021 | Health & Wellness, Products

Green plants fill the earth. They harness energy from the sun and give off life-sustaining oxygen during photosynthesis. Green leaves also provide valuable food sources for many animals and humans.  

What is it? 

Whether you’re talking about acres of alfalfa or a lonely little lime, the tiny colorful pigment that makes green plants verdant is a compound called chlorophyll. It’s the plant’s food source, and it’s amazing! 

Our Liquid Chlorophyll contains chlorophyllin, a similar molecule that dissolves well in water and is bursting with benefits. 

What Can Chlorophyll Do for Me? 

Chlorophyll offers many health benefits. 
  • Helps detoxify your digestive tract 
  • Strengthens your gut 
  • Supports well-being 
  • Helps freshen breath and body 
  • Supports antioxidant pathways 
  • May provide targeted immune system benefits 
  • Is traditionally used to “build the blood.” 

Why Liquid Chlorophyll? 

Mom was right. You should eat your greens… They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and antioxidants. But some people don’t like spinach or broccoli or kale or even green beans. That’s why other options are great. Like a drop or two of Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll. Add it to your smoothie or ice water to freshen up your day…and your health. 

Go Green! 

Liquid Chlorophyll has a fresh, minty taste. Choose regular or ES (Extra Strength). Or, go for convenient (mint-free) capsules. Put the power of Nature’s Sunshine’s green goodness to work for you!