How-to Promote your Online Business through Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+

Jan 14, 2015 | Health & Wellness

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Promoting your business online gives you additional opportunities to engage and develop relationships with your customers (and potential customers) and could be a good way to optimise the stages of your sales pipeline for your marketing. Your online presence gives customers a chance to get to know you better. Building that level of trust between your business and your customers could prove to be pivotal to your success in the long run. As social media is continuing to grow in popularity with every passing year, this could be the best place to do it, as long as you have a decent number of followers. For example, did you know that places like Nitreo grows your Instagram, and helps you to target a specific niche of an audience? This could be a great stepping stone for you to be able to truly get to know your followers. It helps to know the audience you are “talking to” on each social site when developing your online promotional strategy.

In a previous article , I touched on promoting your business through some of the more popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Today I’ll talk about other sites that you may not have thought about that may also be helpful, including Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Pinterest – Have you been “pinned”? This site is a virtual bulletin board frequented mostly by women1 where you can save all types of information from any website. You can create topic-specific “boards”. For example, you can create a Recipes or Health board to pin items that have to do with your Nature’s Sunshine business. These can include photos of Nature’s Sunshine products (you can get the images from Nature’s Sunshine) or recipes of shakes you create. Recipes are a very popular topic on Pinterest and you can use tools such as Photoshop or PicMonkey to create a unique pin or simply take a photo and add the information or recipe in the description. You can also share pages from your Nature’s Sunshine website and save them to Pinterest. More details on how to pin and create an account are here.

Instagram – This mobile-only app is also great for sharing photos. When you open an account you can include a description that features your website address. You can share photos of Nature’s Sunshine or IN.FORM classes, products, etc. This app is free and available for iPhone or Android. You can learn about Instagram and how to create an account here. Using this app is quick and easy and a great way to let customers know how much fun they can have at your classes or events. You’ll want to include hashtags2 in your descriptions so others with the same interests can easily find your photos. It’s important to grow your brand well on Instagram to help give a professional image, and to do that you’ll need to grow instagram followers, either organically through your customer base or by using a service to help give you a kickstart. If your customers are age 35 or less then chances are they are using Instagram. Studies3 also show 68% of its users are female.

Google+ – Although similar but not quite as popular as Facebook, Google+ is gaining in its share of users. The premise is basically the same. You can share status updates, photos, articles, etc. and also break down your contacts into specific groups. It is well used by many within the business world, with some choosing to use it more alongside hiring a gmb management service to get that sorted out. This means you can share certain information with only Nature’s Sunshine customers or only with your team members. This site is used more by men (nearly 70%) with increasing numbers in the 45-54 age groups4. To learn how to create an account and use Google+ click here.

If you are just dipping your toe into social media it’s best to start out with one tool so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You’ll find you don’t need to use all these tools. Find out what your customers use the most and go from there.

2: A note about hashtags – you’ll want to make sure to include about two or three so your posts have a better possibility of coming up when someone does an online search. These can be added within the descriptive copy when posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+ or at the end. For example if posting about a Nature’s Sunshine shake recipe you could use #naturessunshine, #weightloss, #recipe, etc. It’s best to do about 2 or 3 hashtags.

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