Immune Boosting Secrets for Winter Survival

Feb 8, 2024 | Health & Wellness

Wintertime is the most common time for immune distress. It’s also when we’re out and about at shopping malls, grocery stores, parties, concerts, family gatherings and more.

What can you do short of locking yourself in a tower? Several tactics can help you steer clear of sickness this season and anytime!

  1. Avoid crowds when you can.
  2. Wash your hands. A lot. With warm water, soap and rapid movement.
  3. Avoid coughers and sneezers. Not everyone who coughs is sick, but it’s ok to walk the other direction if you’re unsure.
  4. Don’t touch any more doorknobs, railings or “public handles” than you have to. Push doors open with your foot or shoulder. Wear your winter gloves to touch things, and wash them frequently.

Despite best efforts, sometimes we get sick. Then what? Try these strategies and supplements to boost immune health and recovery.

  1. Nap, rest, lie down. Get horizontal. Sleep helps your immune system recover and repair itself.
  2. Avoid added sugar. Excessive sweets and sugary beverages weaken the immune system and extend recovery time. Keep away from candy, cookies, ice cream and soda while you fight germs.
  3. Eat your healthiest. Load up on fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains to feed your body the best it can get.
  4. Drink up! Hydrate yourself with water, warm herbal teas, juice, broth and other fluids to help keep things moving through the digestive and lymph systems. 

Super-charge Your Immune System with the Power of Nature:

  • Solstic Immune – Drink up defense! Solstic Immune features Vitamin C, D, zinc, elderberry, beta-glucans, echinacea and more to boost immune health.
  • Colostrum – The foremilk of mammals gives babies what they need for immune health. It helps power up human defenses too!
  • Elderberry D3fense – Elderberry has been loved and studied for its immune benefits for decades. This blend adds echinacea, vitamin D3, olive leaf extract and royal jelly.
  • My-Immune Defense – This blend of 6 powerful, organic mushrooms provides immune-stimulating beta-glucans and natural vitamin D. Great for soups, stews and smoothies.
  • Silver Shield® – Get broad-spectrum immune support based on the power of silver nanoparticles.