Natural Support for Allergy Season

Mar 14, 2023 | Health & Wellness, Products

As bad as winter can sometimes get, many people prefer the cold because it gives them a break from pesky allergens.  

If you’re a member of the Springtime Sneezing Club, you’re in good company. According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, approximately 50 million people are allergic to something!  

Allergens can take all shapes and sizes and can strike almost anytime.

Common food allergens include peanuts, other nuts, milk/dairy, soy, sesame, gluten (wheat), eggs, shellfish, corn and coconut. About 32 million Americans have a food allergy.

Meanwhile approximately 24 million people in the US have seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever. That’s 1 in 12 of us. No matter how you count it, that’s a truckload of tissues!

People who suffer most in Spring are allergic to trees. Summer sufferers likely react to all types of grasses that are in bloom. And Fall is when weeds are rampant. Your seasonal months may depend on where you live as Spring comes to the South much earlier than the Northeast for example.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, three-fourths of all allergy sufferers are allergic to ragweed. Hence the desire for some to hibernate in August, September and October.

Let’s focus on outdoor allergens…the ones that ride the wind right to your face every spring, summer or fall. 

What the Heck Are Allergies, Anyway? 

Allergy is the term used whenever the body reacts with hypersensitivity to a first exposure or has an exaggerated, pathological or immunological reaction to something. Basically, your immune system freaks out when it comes into contact with something rather ordinary like grass, animal dander or a certain food. And these physical manifestations can be extremely powerful and unpleasant. 

Common pollen allergy symptoms include: 

  • Congestion or stuffy head 
  • Sneezing and lots of it 
  • Runny or itchy nose (on the inside) 
  • Itchy or watery eyes and accompanying redness 
  • Itchy roof of the mouth 
  • Scratchy throat 
  • Swelling of the throat 
  • Coughing 
  • Itchy ear canal 

Any of these is enough to ruin your day a bit. And most people with allergies have a combination of several symptoms.  

Remember the body thinks it’s under attack, so it’s fighting to remove the invader and using every tool at its disposal…120 mph wind (sneeze), flood (watery eyes or runny nose), earthquake (cough), etc. The bottom line is that the respiratory system is sensitive and reacts to things that irritate. 

What is Histamine? 

Histamine is a messenger chemical that your body uses to initiate a response to an allergen. Your cells release histamine when you get injured or when confronted by allergens. Histamine causes smooth muscles to contract and helps dilate blood vessels in order to help manage the injury or reaction. It’s your body’s way of helping to offset the allergen.  

Histamine works with the nervous system to create itching. It can also cause vomiting and diarrhea as the body is trying to expel an “invader.” Histamine can also tighten lung muscles, which makes breathing more difficult. All of these reactions happen as the body is trying to evict something it deems harmful. 

WARNING: Histamine can cause anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening situation. In this circumstance, the body has a severe reaction to an allergen, and breathing becomes nearly impossible. People with known severe allergies should carry an epi-pen. This portable syringe pre-loaded with powerful epinephrine can be used in an emergency to allay the histamine reaction. Most anaphylaxis is brought on by food allergies or bee stings. 

Mother Nature Provides Powerful Support 

While some people require a doctor’s care or OTC medication to manage their allergies, many find at least partial relief with the help of natural products.  

Seasonal Allergy 

This unique botanical formula has been a best-seller for decades. Seasonal Allergy combines sweet fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, horseradish root extract, mullein leaves extract and boneset aerial parts to soothe irritated membranes and tissues. It supports both a healthy respiratory and immune system. 

Seasonal Allergy was previously called AL-J after the late American herbalist Jeanne Burgess, who helped create this exclusive blend. Available in capsules, Vegitabs and liquid. 


This formula provides nutrients that support healthy respiratory function as the body battles seasonal irritants, pollutants and toxins.  

  • Stinging nettle provides well-known support against seasonal airborne substances.  
  • The antioxidant quercetin has been used for its reputed effects in supporting the respiratory system. Quercetin may help stabilize cells that release compounds when exposed to irritants. 
  • Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that works to help soothe swollen mucous membranes during times of respiratory stress.  
  • Bitter orange contains synephrine, which helps the body support open airways for better breathing.

“I used to dread Fall, but with HistaBlock I can enjoy hikes, campfires & all the Fall fun! I love HistaBlock!” 


Sinus Support EF

This special blend supports sinus cleansing and tissue-protection. Potent herbs in the mix include burdock, goldenseal, marshmallow and yerba santa. Sinus Support EF helps the respiratory system and supports healthy nasal passages.

The EF is a reference to the prior formula, which contained ephedra. This blend is ephedra-free or EF.

Fenugreek & Thyme

Help thin the mucus and offset congestion with these two classic herbs.

“My husband and I operate a flour mill in Montana, and the tiny particulates in the air from milling the grain often create respiratory irritation. We love Fenugreek & Thyme to reduce mucus and help with freer breathing.” 


Bronchial Formula 

Experience the timeless, feel-good power of an authentic Indian herbal formula, created to restore balance to the body. Based on Ayurvedic traditions, this herbal blend nutritionally supports healthy respiratory function and may help to loosen chest congestion. Key herbs include licorice root extract, box myrtle bark, mullein leaves and ginger lily root.

Did You Know?

In the 17th century, ranchers fed their coughing cattle mullein broth. No wonder one of mullein’s nicknames is bullock’s lungwort. 

Bee Pollen 

Bees accumulate pollen on their legs as they visit flowers to gather nectar. This pollen can be sustainably (and sting-lessly) harvested and used for its nutritional support. It also traditionally boosts the respiratory system.  

Bee pollen is considered a perfect food as it contains amino acids, vitamins, macro- and micronutrients and antioxidant flavonoids. This tiny treat is nearly 25% protein.  

How does it support respiratory health? People who eat honey from their local area often feel the benefits in their respiratory tract. This may be the result of the antioxidants in the bee pollen. Our Bee Pollen is verified non-GMO and sustainably sourced using tiny screens. 

Chinese Spleen Activator 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, this herbal combination enhances your “earth” energy, promoting digestion, gut health and feeling good. Even though this blend is traditionally used for digestive and immune system support – and obviously to nourish spleen function – it appears to help many people with their seasonal respiratory challenges. Perhaps this is due to the immune system’s role in the allergen reaction process. 

Tei-Fu® Soothing Essential Oil Blend 

One of our most popular oils for decades, Tei-Fu blend is an invigorating mix of wintergreen, menthol, camphor, clove and other 100% pure essential oils. Lavender oil may help calm the mind while the other oils offer invigorating and soothing support. This sustainably sourced, non-GMO oil blend is based on decades of Chinese herbal knowledge. 

I love the Tei-Fu Oil. I have used it for years. It really helps open your nose and [helps you] breathe better. It has a great scent [that’s] very refreshing.”

Teena, Massage Therapist

Breathe Deep Essential Oil Blend 

Rely on powerful, authentic essential oils to invigorate your senses and help you get back to breathing deep and clear. This blend features a robust combination of fruity citrus notes, cooling mint, invigorating wood tones, plus bracing eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils. (Full list: lemon, orange, eucalyptus, spearmint, cypress, fir, ravensara and tea tree.)