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Jul 24, 2015 | Health & Wellness

Thousands of people have found that building an NSP business is a fun and rewarding way to share health and happiness with others. Sometimes the most difficult thing about starting a business is…well, starting. Somebody with mba accounting & finance benefits from having the knowledge behind what it takes to run various areas within a business. Many entrepreneurs are looking for a simple company formations process to help them get started. When starting a company there can be so many things to taken into account which can be daunting for those that have never done it before. Having a solid business plan can help your business keep on track. When working with the top business plan writers it will be easier than ever to understand the direction you want your business to go in but there are still plenty of details that need to be covered. That’s why we have put together this simple guide to teach you a few basic skills that will allow you to confidently invite, inform, and engage potential customers and business partners. Also, there is no need to stress if you are a home-based business, these skills could be transferable to you too, in order to grow your business into a success. However, unlike a physical office, you don’t have the advantage of a business address, in this case, there is nothing quite like the privacy that a registered office address provides, which can be a virtual office, therefore, you do not need to use your home address. This makes your business look and feel more official and also you are protected in the sense of the separation between business and home-life.

Also, don’t worry. You do not need to be a product expert, a salesperson or know hundreds of people to begin your Path to Prosperity. All you need is a little passion and a little time. Remember, you are not in this alone. We are here to help you every step of the way.


Building your NSP business in some ways is no different than starting a retail shop or bakery. But in other ways it’s even more powerful because you
have the opportunity to build business partners or teams. This process can be simple and rewarding: you never beg or pressure anyone into joining
your business organization. You simply distribute information and allow them to make a decision.

The fact is that you are likely new to Nature’s Sunshine and that’s great! We will teach you 3 simple skills that anyone can do: Find, Develop, and Transform.



People join Nature’s Sunshine for 3 main reasons; product, purpose or prosperity. People are searching for ways to feel better, have more energy and earn additional income. You can help them by sharing what you’ve found.

Creating a list allows you to identify possible customers and business partners. Who should be on your list? Everyone! We will qualify this list in the next step, but for now your goal is to start. Begin by writing down the names and contact information of friends and family, co-workers and neighbors. Open your mobile phone contact list or get out that old black book. Put at least 20 people on your list. Remember, just because you write a name down does not mean that you will contact them. Think of this as a brainstorm session where no idea is bad.

Take a minute to create your list now.

Who do you know who fits one or more of these characteristics:
• is interested in health
• struggles with health issues
• is entrepreneurial
• is a network marketer
• is a nutritionist
• is a personal trainer
• is fun and friendly
• is self motivated
• is concerned about their weight

Your list’s will look something like this:
pathway list

Qualify Your List
Now that you have your list of names, you want to qualify the list before you begin reaching out. For instance if someone consistently suffers from poor health, it would be natural for you to lead with Nature’s Sunshine’s incredible products. But if you know someone who could benefit from the NSP business opportunity, that can be just as important. Don’t be too quick to
prejudge or assume. Just like you, people are looking to improve their health and financial situation – don’t decide for them and take away their opportunity to improve their lives.
Take Action: Fill out the “Interested In” column on your contact sheet.

After you have your list, it’s time to invite!

Chances are you are excited about Nature’s Sunshine, and your first instinct is get on the phone and start telling them everything you know. STOP! Inviting is exactly what it sounds like. We are going to invite them to learn more. The only purpose of the invitation is to book a follow-up appointment. Since this is a first contact, we want to respect their time and simply pique their interest for the follow-up appointment. We don’t want to catch people off guard. We want to simply contact them and invite them to learn more at a time and place where you can properly share Nature’s Sunshine.

Chances are your heart is beating and you are wondering, “Can I really do this?” Of course you can! Remember you are not going to beg or pressure people. And better yet, we are going
to teach you exactly what to say.

1. BE YOURSELF! When you are honest and sincere, people will listen and respond.
2. BE BRIEF! Don’t get bogged down in details. This call is only meant to determine if they want to learn more. It is okay to tell them, “I don’t know,” or, “May I answer that question later?”
3. LISTEN! Be flexible and listen. You may discover a lot when you listen. Be flexible enough to change the direction of the conversation.

Now we are going to start contacting people on your list. Remember, this is not a sales call! Your call should not last more than a few minutes. The only purpose of this call is to
determine if they want to learn more. The goal is to book an appointment (with a specific time and place) where you will share more information with them. Here is a script that can
help you get started:
This is a sample script of what an actual invite might sound like.
Remember the 3 Rules of Contacting: Be Yourself, Be Brief and Listen!
You: Hi, Ray! How are you?
Ray: Good! How are you?
You: Feeling great. I only have a minute or two, Ray. Do
you mind if I ask you a quick question?
Ray: Sure. What’s up?
You: Ray, do you remember a few weeks back when you
mentioned some digestion issues?
Ray: Of course.
You: Well Ray, I have come across a company that offers
real, natural solutions to digestive issues. They have been
around for over 40 years and are experts in natural health
and wellness. The more I learn, the more I am impressed. Of
course, I thought of your health when I learned about this
Ray: That sounds interesting.
You: It is Ray. This company has a free health assessment
that we can take together and it will recommend safe,
natural products based upon the results of this test. I
thought that we could take this health assessment together
and see what it says. What do you think?
Ray: Sure.
You: Sounds great Ray. I will come over at 7 p.m. on
Thursday. Does that work for you?
In this example you were brief, sincere and did not end the conversation until you had a follow-up appointment. (Find more sample scripts at the appendage to this document.)

Now that you have invited someone to learn more, it is time to plan your follow-up appointment. This appointment can take many shapes. When you are first getting started, it is important
that you try and leverage the expertise of others until you learn the basics. This expertise may come in the form of:
• Your sponsor
• An upline Manager
• A home meeting or party
• An IN.FORM coach
• A three-way call with an NSP expert
• A tool or video that explains NSP
The follow-up appointment should consist of two simple things:
1) You explain (in your own words) to your contact why you love Nature’s Sunshine and 2) leverage an expert (upline, sales tool, video) to inform them about the NSP products or
opportunity. This follow-up appointment is all about sharing. That does not mean telling them everything you know about every Nature’s Sunshine product, it simply means asking
questions and listening to the desires and needs of your contact. You are trying to understand what would motivate them to join Nature’s Sunshine.

Here are just a few examples of what a follow-up appointment would look like:
Meet contact at coffee shop with upline manager, tell contact why you joined NSP, let upline manager share NSP opportunity.
Invite contact to your home, fill out health assessment with contact, shop online together.
Go to contact’s home, give contact a Wellness Now magazine, follow up again the next day and ask them if anything seemed interesting.
Helpful Hint: Sometimes “I don’t know” is the best answer! You are new to Nature’s Sunshine. Someone may have a question you don’t know the answer to. That’s okay – be honest. Tell
them you are new, but would love to research the answer and get back to them.

Some people view this as the scary part, but the truth is that it is the easiest step. At this point you have invited them to learn more, shared your love for Nature’s Sunshine and now we are
at the point that a lot of people get nervous about…asking.

Take a deep breath, relax – remember we are not going to pressure or beg. We are going to ask one simple question:
What interests you the most about what you just heard?
That’s it! No more, no less. Their answer will guide you exactly where you need to go. The truth is there can really only be 4 possible answers:
1. The Business
2. The Products
3. Both
4. Nothing

The first 3 are easy. Just answer any remaining questions and begin the shopping and/or enrollment process. These individuals are clearly excited about what they have heard. You
do not need to overload with information. They have said yes, so help them get started.

The only other possible answer you can get from the question is really not difficult either, just try to find out a little bit more…
Example 1
Them: Nothing, I don’t really want to be part of an MLM.
You: I totally get it. I was the same way. But after the
experience I had with the products, I found myself naturally
sharing with my friends and family. So for now, let’s put the
MLM piece aside. Did any of the products we discussed
spark your interest?
Them: Maybe. My sister did a natural detox and loved it.
You: Great. Let’s talk about a natural detox…
(In this example they were not currently interested in the
business side of NSP. But by removing the concern of the
“MLM,” we opened the door as a possible customer.)
Example 2
Them: Not interested
You: You know this is not for everyone. I totally get that.
May I ask what you are not interested in?
Them: I just don’t want anything to do with it. Are you going
to pressure me?
You: Of course not. Your answer is no and I totally
respect that.
Them: Thank you
You: Your answer was no. I will not ask you again. But
now that you know what I am doing, maybe there is
a way that you could still help me out. Do you know
anyone who is passionate about natural products and
could benefit from our conversation?
(In this example, you turned a no into a possible lead! Just
be sincere and be yourself and everything else will fall into

Remember, you do not need to be a product expert, a salesperson or know hundreds of people to begin your Path to Prosperity. All you need is a little passion and a little time to start your own Nature’s Sunshine business. Remember, you are not in this alone. NSP, along with your sponsor and upline are here to help you, every step of the way!

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