Reduce Stress Naturally this Summer

Aug 20, 2021 | Health & Wellness

With summer hitting hot, maintaining your carefree mentality can be a bit challenging. Even in the midst of summertime fun, you can get stressed, anxious or exhausted. 

While there isn’t one secret ingredient you can add to your life to live stress free, there is a lot of research out there that shows us how to relieve stress and live happier. A combination of these practices are sure to calm your nerves and increase your summertime smiles. 

4 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

  1. Regular Exercise  Exercise, like running, biking, swimming, or taking an evening walk with a friend, helps to relieve stress by reducing the amount of cortisol distributed through your body. It also actively fights stress and unhappiness by releasing endorphins, or “happy hormones” that help boost our mood. Don’t forget, all that sunshine helps give you vitamin D, which is known to support a healthy mood. 
  2. Adequate Z’s – A lack of sleep can trigger several health issues from obesity to high blood pressure. Catching fewer z’s can also affect your mental health, including memory, judgement, and mood—something you definitely want boosted when you’re spending time with your in-laws. Try blocking out time before bed to put away screens and their enticing blue light or establish a wind-down routing to help calm your mind in preparation to rest. Getting enough quality sleep each night is essential to ensure a better, more fortified mood and reduced stress every morning. 
  3. Be a Social Butterfly – Studies show that connecting with others can help reduce stress and depression. In fact, the vagus nerve, which calms the body and decreases cortisol release, responds to human connectivity. Although COVID-19 has perhaps made it difficult to stay in-touch with friends and family, simply reaching out to loved ones via text or Zoom call can still stimulate that human connection. 
  4. Incorporate Natural Nutrition – Give yourself an extra helping hand by fueling your efforts—and your body—with natural nutrition and supplementation. Nature’s Sunshine provides three key supplements in our Stress-free Starter Kit to help reduce stress and ensure an easier summer regardless of what your schedule entails. 

Accelerate your journey with Nature’s Sunshine products that help with stress

  • Ashwagandha – As a popular Indian herb used to benefit both the mind and the body, Ashwagandha helps promote a sense of peace and calm. Stabilizing your stress response for better cognitive performance overtime, Nature’s Sunshine Ashwagandha provides a proprietary blend of botanicals including bacopa leaf and schisandra fruit to create a better mind-body connection. Discover natural support with traditional ingredients used to decrease physical fatigue while also bolstering the adrenal function and immune and nervous systems. 
  • Stress-J – You’ve got a lot on your plate, but there’s no room for stress. The ingredients in Nature’s Sunshine Stress-J contains a proprietary herbal blend have a rich history of traditional use for calming. Formulated by a pioneering herbalist 40 years ago, Stress-J became, and remains a best-seller. Get natural support for occasional stress without stressing over what’s in it.  
  • GABA Plus – Find a greater sense of calm and peace as you support brain health and nervous system function. This amino acid has been shown to calm brain activity. Perfect when you can’t relax or stay on task.  Nature’s Sunshine’s unique proprietary formula in GABA Plus includes passionflower, l-glutamine and spirulina for their wellness benefits.  

Now’s the time to enjoy the warmth the weather brings and the memories of summertime. So, take some time to relax and make the most of your summer days with a little extra help from Mother Nature.