Say Yes to Shorts Again

Dec 3, 2022 | Fitness, Health & Wellness, Products

Every day is shorts day when your legs look and feel their healthiest. And they can with Vari-Gone®. This fierce combination of botanicals and plant-based nutrients supports vein health, elasticity and function, so you feel less conscious and more confident about your legs. 

Vari-Gone® blends powerful natural ingredients that strengthen blood vessels and encourage natural flow. It tones, strengthens and nourishes veins, improving their elasticity and function. Thank you “vari” much! 


  • Supports vein health, strength and resilience
  • Helps support optimal blood flow to the heart and legs 
  • Supports circulation 
  • Non-GMO, Kosher blend


Vari-Gone combines horse chestnut seed extract, rutin, vitamin C, lemon bioflavonoid extract, hesperidin and fenugreek seed.  

Let’s dive a little deeper: 

  • Horse chestnut seed extract. Also known as buckeyes, these nuts have been studied for their potential support of blood flow in the legs. One study even said that this extract might be as good as wearing compression stockings for support. But much more subtle and comfortable. 
  • Rutin is simply a mix of quercetin and rutinose sugar. Found naturally in grapes, apples, plums and other foods, it helps strengthen blood vessels while it supports circulatory health. It also helps the body with collagen production. 
  • You know Vitamin C for its immune support. But did you also know that it strengthens blood vessel walls and may help with cardio health? Vitamin C can also help support blood pressure levels in the normal range. And it offsets oxidative stress. Win-win-win-win. 
  • Lemon bioflavonoids come from the pulp and stringy white inside of the lemon fruit. This upcycled material contains antioxidants that help protect cells and tissues from damaging free radicals. This nutrient supports vein strength and aids the absorption of vitamin C. 
  • Hesperidin, another bioflavonoid (or flavone) from citrus, protects the body, supports healthy blood pressure and protects blood vessels against damage.  
  • Fenugreek seeds soothe tissues and support blood sugar levels in the normal range.


For hundreds of years, horse chestnut trees have grown naturally in Great Britain, Spain and other areas in Western European. People have roasted them as a holiday treat. Much more recently, these nuts have been studied for potential health benefits, including blood flow, male potency and gut health. Some of these pluses may be attributed to their natural phytonutrients including quercetin and kaempferol glycosides.  

Did you know? Rutin, a group of bioflavonoid compounds present in many fruits, was originally called vitamin P.   


Keep it clean. Vari-Gone features exclusively non-GMO, gluten-free botanicals. 

You’ve got legs. Don’t hide them.