See Ya, Stress

Dec 9, 2022 | Health & Wellness, Products

The holidays are filled with laughter, spirit, and loving times with family and friends. However, the less cheerful side to the holidays is the anxiety and stress that family gatherings, buying presents, and decorations can bring. Does everyone in the family have presents that they’ll be happy with? Is our home adorned with the picture-perfect décor that Crate & Barrel advertises?  

The idea that the holiday season should be stress and carefree isn’t always realistic. With increased levels of stress and anxiety, the body can experience imbalance. Irregular sleep schedules, tighter muscles, and higher levels of cortisol are just some of the side effects of stress. And unfortunately, stress doesn’t leave with the holidays.  

To keep your spirits high and anxiety low, give someone (or yourself) a better way to manage with Ashwagandha.  


  • Supports and helps stabilize the stress response 
  • Helps improve resistance towards stress and occasional anxiety 
  • Helps support cognitive performance in aging 
  • Supports the immune and nervous systems 
  • Is traditionally used to support adrenal function and decrease physical fatigue


Ashwagandha herbal blend utilizes natural, adaptogenic, plant-based ingredients that are scientifically shown to help improve the central nervous system, which is constantly impacted by emotional and environmental stressors. 

Other nutrients in this blend include: 

  • Bacopa Leaf has been associated with improved memory and lower stress levels. 
  • Black Pepper may improve brain health and it supports the absorption of beneficial active compounds present in the herbal blend. 
  • Schisandra Fruit is an adaptogen that helps your body respond to stressors.


Traditions hold value… 

  • Ashwagandha is often referred to as “Indian Ginseng” and the use of the root goes back 6,000 years.  
  • Traditionally used to support mental health and improve memory. 
  • Uses of Schisandra Fruit for fatigue, mental health, and weakness date back to the Tang dynasty (618-907 A.D.). 


As you manage and stabilize your body’s stress response and improve brain function, you can feel good caring for your body with some of the purest ingredients nature can offer.  

Feel the holiday cheer year-round.