Solstic Energy is a Must-Have Drink for All Athletes

Nov 9, 2018 | Health & Wellness

What’s up followers!

What’s up followers! Another month is upon us and yet another post about another awesome NSP product! Before we get to the product of the month, I just wanted to touch briefly on NSP and its impact on my career. I have said it before in other posts, but I feel I cannot say enough about how great NSP truly are. As an athlete, we want answers. We want to trust that all the hard work we put in will pay off. And more than anything, we want to trust that the supplements we put in our body are not only help us but are safe. I firmly believe that NSP have taken my game to another level and have given me a competitive edge over my opponents. Any athlete looking to take their game to another level needs to give this great company a shot because it is truly life changing. I usually say this at the end of all of my posts, but if you are an athlete and looking for nutritional help, please contact me at to discuss anything.

Solstic Energy is a lifesaver drink and I feel is a must for all athletes.

Moving on, this month I will be diving into the “Solstic” line of products that Nature’s Sunshine offers. First up is Solstic Energy. Solstic Energy is a lifesaver drink and I feel is a must for all athletes. You can take it before workouts, after workouts, or even halfway through your day for a pick me up. Solstic Energy helps to reduce fatigue, increases mental focus, and increases exercise endurance.

Solstic Energy is low in calories and low in sugar.

Unlike many energy drinks out there, Solstic Energy is low in calories and low in sugar, both of which are important to an athlete’s diet. A close look at the label will show that included in Solstic Energy is guarana, which is a natural and organic source of caffeine. Solstic Energy is a MUCH better option than your standard cup of coffee that is loaded with 100+ mg of caffeine. Why is this? Well, too much caffeine can be detrimental to an athlete’s performance. Personally, I am a huge coffee fan; but, I felt I started relying too much on the ‘boost’ from coffee to get me through my day. Recently, I decided to give up coffee and instead use Solstic Energy for a pick me up. I can’t believe how much better I feel after making the switch. I feel that Solstic Energy gives me as much, if not more, of a boost than coffee does, and I don’t feel as fatigued from a crash after drinking it. Not only do I feel less fatigued, but I also feel I sleep better. I rarely have the urge or need to take that afternoon nap after practice and when I drank coffee (up to 2-3 cups a day) I always needed one.

I suggest that one take Solstic Energy halfway through their day for a pick me up to get them through the rest of their day. In my experience with this product, no crash or inability to sleep will occur when taking it. On game days, I take a quick 30-45 min nap, and then take Solstic Energy as soon as I wake up to get me going. Ditch the coffee and simply pick up a packet of Solstic Energy, mix it with 12-16 oz of water, and feel the energy! Believe me, once you will see the results, you will not be disappointed.

And now for another monthly reminder!

I am sure that you have noticed the two dollar amounts that Solstic Energy costs: Retail and Member pricing. Remember that if you purchase $40 (Member cost) or more worth of product from Nature’s Sunshine, you will automatically be eligible to sign up for a free one-year membership! Membership to Nature’s Sunshine comes with 33% off Retail cost, as well as rebates of up to 20% on your own purchases!

I say it EVERY month, but I HIGHLY recommend becoming an NSP member as their products are the best of the best and are 100% safe. If you are an athlete and looking for nutritional help, please contact Chad at to discuss your needs!

Product Category Cost** Frequency
Solstic Energy Necessity* Retail: $51.60
Member: $34.40
1 packet a day as needed (before games/ practices, or for an afternoon pick me up)

*Any product considered “Necessity” is one that Chad feels every athlete needs to include in their daily routine.