Start Your Summer Gut Health Journey

Aug 20, 2021 | Health & Wellness

2021, the summer of renewal and self-care. This time, it’s all about you and doing what’s right for your health. Let’s get back to nature and see how good you can feel. Starting with your gut. 

We’re not talking about what your belly looks like on the outside. It’s what’s inside that counts… and it really does! Gut health is linked to pretty much every other body system, including brain health, digestion, immune function, circulation and energy levels. Clean up your gut, and you’ll clean up your whole life! 

Don’t know where to start? Check out these 6 Tips to Freshen Your Gut! 

Get Moving 

We’re not talking sit-ups and ab crunches. Just simple exercise. Movement of the body helps with other movement… yeah that kind. Which helps with just about everything else. Take a walk, ride your bike, swim a few laps, do something for 20 minutes every day, and you’ll help your heart, your brain and your GUT. 

Focus Your Eating 

Upgrade your food choices. Get back to natural. Less packaging, more produce. More fish, less flour. Add whole grains like brown rice, barley, oatmeal and popcorn. Whole grains and fresh veggies increase your fiber intake, and that helps the flow through the gut. Fiber also feeds probiotics, which is good. And it supports cardiovascular health. 

Examine your food options and choose “closest to nature” whenever possible. Think farmer’s market. Anytime you can choose berries over candy for example, your gut wins. 

Increase the Flow 

Water is your friend, giving your gut plenty of liquid to keep things moving along. Water also helps all of the body’s cells stay hydrated and healthy. Did you know it’s easier to drink more water if it’s at room temperature than if it’s cold? Try it for a week and see. And if you don’t like the taste of your local water, try using a filter. Or add a naturally flavored Solstic stick pack for a tasty, nutritious drink option. 

Add Good Guys 

Probiotics are microscopic bacteria that fight your health battles every day. They help fend off unfriendly bacteria that want to take over your gut. And they perform many helpful functions, like nutrient absorption, improved digestion, better elimination and immune system support. 

Let Nature Help! 

Natural supplements can help quickly freshen your gut. 

  • Out with the bad. Nature’s Sunshine Lower Bowel Stimulator is a powerful blend of cleansing herbs that can keep you feeling fresh. It harnesses the natural eliminating power of cascara sagrada (or sacred bark) and balances it with ginger, licorice root and other complementary herbs. So dependable, it’s a best-selling product! 
  • In with the good. Replenish your biome with 11 strains of friendly gut flora. Probiotic Eleven is a nutritious blend of good guys that support digestion, balance and gut happiness. 
  • Digest better. Do your gut a solid. Help it break down your last Door Dash delivery with natural Food Enzymes. Break down proteins, carbs and fats, so your body can use them better! And it helps relieve occasional indigestion and bloating. 
  • Freshen up everything. Add a little freshness to every sip of water with Liquid Chlorophyll. Detoxify your digestive tract and strengthen your gut with green, minty goodness. It also helps freshen breath and body. Perfect for hot summer days. 

Reduce Stress  

While easier said than done, minimizing your stress can definitely help your gut health! For some of us that means taking a break from social and avoiding toxic news or people. For others, it’s reducing noise and finding quiet space to think. Here’s a few tips for de-stressing: 

  • Try meditating to relax. 15 minutes a day offers profound benefits.  
  • Deep breathing. Slower breathing helps muscles relax while extra oxygen tells the brain to relax the body. 
  • Exercise. It releases endorphins that boost confidence and may help improve sleep. Try yoga, walking, cycling or tai chi.  
  • Read! Find a comfy spot and sit down with a good book, or listen to an upbeat podcast. 
  • Stretch! Take 10 minutes a day to gently loosen up tight muscles. Game-changer! 
  • Volunteer. Helping others gets you out of your own head. 
  • Remember, don’t worry about things that you cannot control.  

Make this your summer of renewal! Start your health journey by caring for your gut with these simple steps, and help your whole body get back to natural.  

*A study published in JAMA in March 2021 estimated that the average American packed on 7 lbs. between February and June 2020.