The Power of Purple

Dec 10, 2022 | Health & Wellness, Products

Did you know? Without enough antioxidants, blood vessels can get damaged and cause chain reactions that may lead to serious health concerns! 

Your diet can help prevent cells and organs from becoming damaged by oxidation. Packing your meals with colorful fruits and vegetables provides some powerful antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in your body.  

But to make sure you’re REALLY getting enough, trust the power of purple…Thai-Go®. It’s loaded with antioxidants that quench free radicals, strengthen your immune system and boost cardiovascular health. Just 1 ounce a day gives you powerful support against oxidation. 


  • Supports the immune system 
  • Promotes cardiovascular and heart health  
  • Supports energy 
  • Helps quench free radicals    
  • Non-GMO blend 


When mom says to eat your fruits and vegetables, she’s right. Besides providing a natural source of important vitamins, minerals and fibers, colorful veggies and fruits contain valuable antioxidants. 

Oxygen radical absorbance capacity or ORAC, is a measure of antioxidant strength. Foods assigned high ORAC values have plenty of free-radical-quenching molecules that neutralize or offset oxidation that may otherwise damage cells and organs. 

Power nutrients in this blend include: 

  • Blueberry fruit is a superfood with tons of polyphenol and flavonol antioxidants that support heart health and blood flow. Blueberries are one of the highest ORAC foods. 
  • Mangosteen fruit and pericarp. This tropical fruit is uniquely white with a dark purple peel that holds special xanthones. These unique plant nutrients provide antioxidant benefits while supporting the nervous system and joint health. 
  • Açai berry is loaded with anthocyanins, hence their dark purple color. They offer flavonoids that benefit circulatory and nervous system health. They also support the immune system and energy levels. 
  • Pomegranate fruit juice naturally contains polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidants. This fruit appears to benefit blood sugar support, cardio health, glandular health and more. 
  • Lycium fruit (also called goji or wolfberry) boosts energy, supports sleep quality, improves focus and offsets stress. Lycium also supports immune health and may help with skin and eyes. 

Thai-Go also features concentrates or extracts of Concord and red grape, red raspberry, red grape skin and seed, sea buckthorn fruit, green tea leaf and apple fruit. And it’s as delicious as it is potent. J 


From oldest to youngest… 

  • For over 2,000 years, the Chinese have employed lycium fruit for longevity, stamina and energy in their traditional medicine.  
  • Mangosteen fruit grows in Southeast Asia and was brought west about 150 years ago. The “go” in Thai-Go comes from mangosteen. 
  • Native Americans used blueberries as a food source and in medicines. These fruits have only been mass cultivated for 100 years or so. 
  • South American açai fruit has been a staple in the Amazon, but it became popular just decades ago as Americans began to import it. 


As you support your circulatory and immune systems, and bolster skin and eye health, you can feel good knowing that you’re giving your cells powerful nutrition and antioxidant protection from a non-GMO blend of fruits.  

Quench away with the power of purple.

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