The Year of Action: 3 Tips to Move More in 2024

Dec 29, 2023 | Health & Wellness, Products

t’s sobering that only 21% of people stick to New Year’s exercise resolutions beyond June. But incorporating science-backed strategies can crank up your chances of not falling off the fitness wagon before reaching your goals. If getting more active is on your 2024 wish list, take note. 

Assemble Your Accountability Crew 

Sticking to resolutions is notoriously tricky – the stats don’t lie. Since approximately 80% of New Year’s goals are abandoned by February, we need to get strategic! One proven way to reinforce your fitness goals is to recruit an accountability crew. Research shows that people who meet weekly with friends to share workouts or other health goals are 35% more likely to stick with their plans compared to flying solo.

Laser Focus on Your “Why” 

 People pursuing New Year resolutions were 86% more likely to say their resolutions will have a positive impact beyond 2024. Define explicitly what motivates you – better heart health? Weight loss? Stress relief? Refer frequently to your “why” as the guiding North Star. 

Lean into supplements like Power Beets to energize your workouts and improve performance along the way. Beets are a powerful addition to any fitness routine because they increase blood flow and boost cardiovascular endurance which directly correlates to athletic improvement.  Vital nutrients in Collagen and EverFlex are also key for joint support so you can maintain an active lifestyle for the long haul. 

Journal Progress to Boost Adherence 

Tracking progress builds self-awareness, and that drives 21% higher achievement over time. Note workout metrics, monthly consistency rates, or emotional benefits like better sleep, reduced stress or mental clarity post-workout. Plus, regularly journaling about the positive impacts you experience through fitness, like energy surges, accomplished workout milestones, and mood boosts, helps reinforce the habit. Documenting how exercise directly improves how you feel boosts accountability to keep going. 

Be Gentle with Yourself 

It takes roughly 66 days to cement a new habit – like exercise! With the right tools supporting consistency, you can make 2024 the year you discover your inner athlete. Stay motivated and active all 12 months fueled by these proven practical hacks.