‘Tis the Season…for Seasonal Defense!

Nov 21, 2022 | Health & Wellness, Products

Cold weather seems to usher in the sniffles, fatigue and overall ickiness. (Yup, it’s a word.) Sounds like a good time for nourishing soup, warm fires and the right supplements to support your body in the ongoing battle for health.  

May we suggest… Seasonal Defense. Defend yourself against seasonal changes with herbs that offer traditional support to your immune and respiratory systems.   

Seasonal Defense blend: 

  • Helps you maintain optimal health during seasonal changes 
  • Provides traditional support for mucous membranes like those along your respiratory tract 

Take a closer look at this unique botanical formula:  

Andrographis has a long history of use in Asia, Africa and other locales. This plant has special flavonoids and xanthones that offer health benefits for the immune and respiratory systems. Our andrographis grows in the fertile, moisture-conserving black soils of India by a farmer who utilizes both hydro and solar energy.  

Thyme leaf, a cousin of oregano, naturally supports the immune and digestive systems. Thyme contains a bunch of antioxidants, including thymol with its immune-boosting benefits. This leaf has been used for centuries for respiratory tract support, specifically for cough and expelling mucus. 

Eleuthero root, an adaptogen, helps your body adapt to occasional physical and mental stress. It may also help fight some foreign invaders. Did you know? Chinese practitioners used eleuthero more than 2,000 years ago for respiratory and immune support and to boost memory, energy and concentration. 

Bitter orange fruit standardized to 30% synephrine. AKA sour orange or immature orange. You know how it’s good to eat oranges when you feel sluggish and icky? Bitter orange is a cousin and offers some of the same benefits. It contains natural compounds that support respiratory passages. 

Oregano leaf, found in many spaghetti sauces, is traditionally used to support the respiratory tract, digestion and immune health. 

Don’t take winter on the chin. Defend yourself with Seasonal Defense. 

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