Urine Color: What Does it Say About Your Hydration?

Apr 13, 2017 | Health & Wellness

Your urine can actually tell you a lot about your health – including whether or not you’re properly hydrated. So let’s look at a few Urine Chart
different things you should know about urine color and how you can deduce your hydration levels from that.


If your urine comes out very clear, or almost transparent, then that means you’re drinking a lot of water, perhaps even too much. While it’s good to know that you’re properly hydrated, too much water can put a higher strain on your kidneys. They’re already working hard enough as it is – you definitely don’t want to overexert your kidneys.

Pale Yellow/Straw

Urine that’s very pale yellow – perhaps like straw or hay – is the perfect color. This means that you’re healthy, hydrated, and everything else health-wise checks out great. The same goes for any urine that’s a bit more transparent yellow than straw colored. These are all signs of great hydration.

Dark Yellow

If your urine is dark yellow, then that means you’re still doing alright but that you should probably drink some water soon. This doesn’t mean that you’re dehydrated; instead, it means that you’re still healthy and doing fine. Just make sure to get a bit of water in you soon after and you’ll be great.


Amber-colored urine is a surefire sign that you’re not getting enough water and need to drink some water immediately. Just like too much water can harm your kidneys, so can too little. Ample amounts of water is one of the most important keys to great health.


If your urine comes out brown, there are a few possible causes. You can have a liver disease, or you can have severe dehydration. If you haven’t had any other symptoms of liver disease, then it’s likely that you’re severely dehydrated. Obviously, you want to drink as much as you can as quickly as possible to mitigate that problem. If you do, and the brown urine persists, then it’s important to see your doctor immediately.

Dark Brown/Red

Any red coloring in your urine is a sign that there’s blood in your urinary tract. Sometimes this is idiopathic, but it can also signal the beginnings of kidney problems. If the urine is dark brown, then there’s likely some blood in addition to not enough water.

If you want to live the healthiest life possible, then you should follow the basic tips and bits of advice given by doctors for years. Drinking ample water is one of the oldest bits of advice – and it’s one that provides quick, real-time results of its efficacy.