What the Average American Eats in a Year [Infographic]

Nov 16, 2015 | Health & Wellness

The average American eats about 2,000 pounds of food every year, and as a result, is overfed and undernourished. VisualEconomics came out with a graphic showing how that food is dispersed in the American diet. Some of the results may be surprising:

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What the Average American Eats Infographic:



Dairy comes up as the most consumed food on the list. Americans average more than 800 pounds of milk, cheese, and other non-cheese dairy products.


Vegetables come second on the list at more than 400 pounds per year. But don’t let that number make you feel that American’s are eating enough vegetables. When you combine all the meat, fats, oils, sugar and flour, vegetables are vastly outnumbered.


Americans eat 273.2 pounds of fruit every year. Is anyone else surprised that we eat more vegetables than fruit?

Cofee, Cocoa & Nuts

The study says Americans eat 24 pounds of this stuff. Seems a bit low?

Fats and Oils

85.5 lbs of fats and oils are consumed every year by the average American.

Red Meat

Americans eat 110 pound of red meat, 62 pounds of beef and 46 pounds of pork.


Americans eat 73.6 pounds of poultry — 60 pounds of that number is chicken.

Fish and Shellfish

Americans on average eat 16 pounds of fish and shellfish.


About 33 pounds of eggs are consumed each year by the average American.

Flour and Cereal Products

The average American eats 192.3 pounds of flour and cereal products — about 134 pounds of that is wheat flour.

Caloric Sweeteners

The average American eats 141.6 pounds of caloric sweeteners. Unfortunately, 42 pounds of that is corn syrup.

Those Numbers Include:

  • 29 pounds of French Fries
  • 23 pounds of pizza
  • 24 pounds of ice cream
  • 53 gallons of soda — about a GALLON A WEEK!
  • 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners
  • 2.736 lbs of sodium, 47% more than what’s recommended
  • 0.2 pounds of Caffeine (90,700 mg)– there’s about 50 mg in a can of Coke
  • 2,700 calories per day

Your Turn

Where do you fit in on this list? What surprises you? How can you make an individual choice to eat healthier?