Where Do the Best Beets in the World Grow?

Mar 29, 2023 | Products, Sustainability

One of the world’s most colorful – and most potent – vegetables is grabbing a lot of attention lately. Bursting with nitrates that help produce vessel-relaxing nitric oxide, red beets help with all kinds of circulatory system benefits, including blood pressure support, blood vessel tone, and overall energy and performance. 

But are all beets created equal? Not even close. 

The most potent beet roots in the world grow at the highest altitudes, where extreme temperatures and ultraviolet exposure prohibit many other plants from growing.

At nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, in a land that dwellers call the Rooftop of Earth, responsible native growers and their families, who know the secrets of high-altitude living and farming, harvest the biggest and most potent beets in all of nature. They have honored their land and their crops for generations and know precisely how to tap into natural growing methods and water conservation to bolster this unique and celebrated harvest. 

The super beets that grow on these Tibetan plateaus thrive in the ultra-fertile soil. Over the years, these plants have adjusted to survive both the harsh elevations and cold. In fact, these wonder-crops yield maximum levels of nitrates.  

All of this means the best beet root powder for you and your family. Beet powder that provides all the power and support you’re looking for. Our proprietary beets: 

  • Boost energy and stamina 
  • Increase circulation throughout the body 
  • Support exercise performance and recovery 
  • Support mental alertness 
  • Quench free radicals and offset oxidation 

These phenomenal beets are the prime ingredient in Power Beets, a proprietary blend of red beet root and hand-picked botanicals that naturally complement beet root’s ability to enhance health. They maximize nitric oxide production to boost blood flow and support energy, performance, stamina, alertness, strength and well-being. 

Power Beets features: 

  • Standardized beet root powder from superior, non-GMO, Tibetan beets. With standardized beet powder, we consistently deliver more nitrates than other beet products. 
  • A unique herbal blend that includes turmeric, green coffee bean extract, tart cherry, blueberry and other botanicals chosen for their terrific benefits 
  • Pomegranate juice, grape skin and seeds, and other circulatory-boosting nutrients 
  • Energizing, cardio-boosting vitamins C, D3, B1, B6 and B12 
  • Plus natural flavors for an amazingly delicious flavor 

Put the power of the world’s best beets to work for you.