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This past year, in conjunction with the Sunshine Heroes Foundation and Mali Rising, Nature’s Sunshine helped establish the Sunshine Heroes Academy in Mana, Mali, Africa. Mali is among the 25 poorest countries in the world, and its people have severely limited educational opportunities. The Sunshine Heroes Academy, which features three classrooms and two administrative offices, will provide a resource for up to 200 children each year to get an education.

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Nature’s Sunshine constantly seeks to instill an attitude of caring and sharing in all of our distributors. For years, we have shared the health and prosperity with which we’ve been blessed with people around the world through both our business and our philanthropic efforts. More recently, many of our philanthropic endeavors have been in conjunction with the Sunshine Heroes Foundation.

As a founding sponsor, Nature’s Sunshine has aided Sunshine Heroes in the renovation of baby hospitals in Russia, the construction of schools in Mali, Africa and the distribution of health supplements throughout Ghana. Going forward, Nature’s Sunshine will continue to support the Sunshine Heroes Foundation as they seek to improve the lives and opportunities of children throughout the world. 

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