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Share pages on this Website with your Successline and prospects

Using email, blog, your website, Facebook or other social sites, you can share the following pages with others:

  • Specific product pages (Silver Shield, Food Enzymes, etc.)
  • Specific category pages (Weight Management, Stress, etc.)
  • Health Assessment tool
  • Webinar, NSP's Quality, Sunshine Rewards and any other information pages
  • All pages on the site can be shared

To share, simply copy the Web address located in the top "bar" of your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and paste it into your message.

Sharing Webpages

Sharing pages with prospects (i.e. sponsoring)

In many cases you may be sharing a webpage with prospects who are not yet members of Nature's Sunshine.  Do the following to make sure you become their sponsor when they sign up online:

  • Starting April 3, 2017 add ?upline=Your-New-Account-Number to the end of the web address that you are sharing.

    Note: If you used ?sponsor=Your-Old-Account-Number prior to April 2017, don't worry. This method will continue to work with your OLD account number.


If your account number was "1234", this is what the web address that you share would look like: (replace 1234 with your NEW account number.)

How it Works:

When your prospect visits the Nature's Sunshine website via the link in your message, your account number is placed in a cookie on their computer that exists for several months.  You will be automatically added as their sponsor during sign up even if they go directly to the website at a later date.

Sharing Pages

Please test your Web address (or link) before sending it to your prospects.

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