Health to Your Home

Health to Home

We’re sharing the message of better health all across North America, teaching people about herbs, toxins, the amazing gut microbiome and more. Join us as we help people learn how to improve their health with better lifestyle choices and premium-quality NSP supplements. Be part of the movement!

What is Health to Home?

The Health to Home program provides a simple way for you to share the power of Nature’s Sunshine products in an easy-to-follow and duplicable format. Health to Home events take place in the homes of friends and neighbours, a casual setting where you can share your experience, suggest helpful products and answer questions. Through this program, you promote health and wellness, find new customers and distributors, and increase your sales. It all culminates in maximum health outcomes for everyone and greater business success!

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Incentives for you!
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Hosting Incentives

    Total Guest Sales*** Over 200 in sales Over 500 in sales Over 750 in sales Over 1000 in sales
    Hostess Credit**20 Product Credit60 Product Credit 150 Product Credit250 Product Credit
    Half price product choice1 item & free shipping1 item & free shipping 2 items & free shipping2 items & free shipping
    *You must have at least 3 guests in attendance who are 18 years of age or older. ** Host/ess Credit is for NSP product purchases and may go towards purchases at the Health to Home meeting. Host/ess Credit cannot apply to monthly ½ priced items. The Host/ess must be a new NSPmember (3 months), Retail Customer or never held a H2H event before and cannot be the same person who is presenting the Health to Home event. ***Guest Sales excludes shipping, handling charges and applicable taxes. Offer valid with Health to Home Orders Only. Guest and Host/ess Orders must be submitted together on Health to Home Forms.


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