2019 Winners

The following individuals achieved great levels of success in our I-Inspire promotion. These individuals sponsored thousands of new NSP members, helped hundreds of their members become Managers, and truly I-Inspired us all!

The following have earned the Deluxe Ocean View Room:

  • Donna Roth
  • Fatima Barka
  • Noemie Bergeron
  • Zahra Elmmala
  • Maria & Johan Loewen

The following have earned the Ocean View Room:

  • Najat Halloum
  • Ariel Jarvis
  • Tina & Aaron Knockaert
  • Yvonne Dollard-Perc
  • Josee Landry

The following have earned the Garden View Room:

  • Shirley Vachon & Melanie Larochelle
  • Ramona Kossowan
  • Melany Laforge
  • Marie Jose Michel
  • Valerie Belanger
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