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IN.FORM™ is truly a different kind of weight-loss program. It's a unique, 13-week, duplicatable program that brings to life all of the elements of NSP's Transformational Habit of Health, beginning with weight loss...all the way to lifelong health.


  • SOCIALIZING. A fun group setting allows participants to immediately tap into a powerful social network. Friends building you up makes any change easier.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. Conduct weekly weigh-ins and measurements to track success and assess needs.
  • IN.FORM BioTracker. Measure weight, body fat%, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age and more! Clients get to know their body's unique needs!
  • HEALTH EDUCATION. Share with participants the knowledge and skills they really need to achieve lifelong health and wellness.
  • A focus on emotional factors and how to balance real life drama with their health goals.
  • IN.FORM HEALTH ASSESSMENTS. Develop product programs customized to your participants' needs to help accelerate their success.



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Become a Certified IN.FORM Coach!

Looking for a path to grow your NSP business? YOU have the opportunity to embrace IN.FORM and start teaching people the skills they need to transform their health and their lives. IN.FORM is a franchise-like business opportunity with all of the tools and training you need to be successful.

If you truly want to duplicate your efforts, certify as an IN.FORM coach and add this unique and life-changing program to your NSP business repertoire.

Anyone can learn and plug into the IN.FORM system while still maintaining the highest professionalism and quality you've come to expect from NSP.

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Upcoming Certifications

Saturday, February 10, 2017

NSP Canada Office
44 Peel Centre Dr., Suite 402, Brampton, ON L6T 4B5
Time: 9:00 am to 5 pm (Lunch included)
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To register please call: Milly Deaken at 1-877-257-4372ext. 3919 or email

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