Rank Advancement & Recognition

Rank Advancements for the Month of March 2018

Everyone can progress at their own pace. The highest ranks can be reached in just a few years.

Rank advancement - maintaining rank status for 3 consecutive months

Name Sponsor Rank
Giuseppe Iannello & Sandra Basilone  Vivian & Rob O'Neill Bronze

Rank advancement - maintaining manager status for 4 consecutive months

Name Sponsor
Peter & Trudy Reimer                                          Heinrich & Annie Froese 
Nikoletta Voulgaris                                       Megs & Ramila Padiachy
Marie-Josee Rivard                                           Guylaine Simard
Marie-Josee Rivard                                           Marilene Perreault
Kimberley Harrison                                       Tina & Aaron Knockaert

Rank Advancement Silver - first month at Silver status

Name Sponsor
Aganetha WallEugene & Anne Orr

Rank Advancement Bronze - first month at Bronze status

Name Sponsor
Kurt Johnson Allan & Lyn Bailey

Break-out to Manager status - first month at manager status

Name Sponsor
Evelyn TritesFergus Millar & Sandra King
Theresa BrownPenny & Powell Slimmon
Nora ChoujaaBeverly Verpaelst
Abigale MoskalykJean Dansereau
Janine JarvisYvonne Dollard
Dragan GoloMegs & Ramila Padiachy
Justina PennerEdith & Ben Hiebert
Nelly WallJohan & Mary Loewen
Blaine MichalskySheila Wajsen
Dominique PelletierMichelle Ouellette
Hanane TemsamaniZahra Elmmala