Rank Advancement & Recognition

Rank Advancements for the Month of December 2017

Everyone can progress at their own pace. The highest ranks can be reached in just a few years.

Rank advancement - maintaining rank status for 3 consecutive months

Name Sponsor Rank
Jeff Martin  Terry & Joanne Bell  Bronze
Zahra Elmmala  Caroline Huppe  Bronze

Rank advancement - maintaining manager status for 3 consecutive months

Name Sponsor
Rae-Marie Legott                                           Donna Roth 
Shirley Ayer                                         Bahar Mahmoudi
Elham Alipour                                            Bahar Mahmoudi 

Rank Advancement Silver - first month at Silver status

Name Sponsor
Diane BlackburnLorene Benoit
Valerie BelangerGuylaine Simard

Rank Advancement Bronze - first month at Bronze status

Name Sponsor
Genevieve Fontaine  Marilene Perreault

Break-out to Manager status - first month at manager status

Name Sponsor
Dave ReidJeff Martin
Nikoletta Voulgaris  Megs & Ramila Padiachy
Robert White    Phyllis & Al Thompson
Kelly Malone    Shannon Pratt
Kimberly HarrisonTina & Aaron Knockaert
Amanda Reid  Donna Roth
Trudy & Peter Reimer  Annie & Heinrich Froese
Marie-Josee Rivard  Guylaine Simard
Roxanne Beaupre   Francine Landry
Le Capucin Sherbrooke   Le Capucin Sherbrooke