Rising Star Testimonials

Ingrid Heise


I had one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life! Never before have I felt so recognized and celebrated for the work I have done with Nature's Sunshine nor learned as much about NSP and the way it is run.

The connection with like-minded peers from around the globe was incredibly motivating, fun and has offered me exciting new ideas to implement in my own work.

To experience first-hand and to see and meet NSP employees from the ground up including the science, research, product development and testing all the way down to production levels was very key for me. It absolutely affirmed that NSP is outstanding and a leading force in natural holistic health care product innovation, quality and scientific research. The entire staff all the way from the administration/marketing/management levels through to the scientists and production line that we had the pleasure to meet were absolutely dedicated to their work and committed to create the excellence in quality that we see in Nature's Sunshine Products.

Every day had something wonderful in store for us with a perfect balance of free and organized events. A few of the particular highlights for me were the "O" show; breathtaking, and the final Gala event; such great fun group energy and a true celebration of everyone there. What a treat! The Rising Star event helped me to grow, re-energized and inspired me with new ideas and a renewed passion to infuse into my work, my clients, my life and beyond! Thank You so much Nature's Sunshine!

Sacheen Hawkins

The Rising Star event was exceptional. It is an incredible opportunity and I feel privileged to have been able to visit NSP's new innovation and research center along with its production facility. NSP is a company that puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to discovering the benefits nature has to offer us by studying it.

I always knew that Nature's Sunshine products were high quality, but this time I was able to witness it for myself. There is no doubt that anyone who picks these products can do it with complete peace of mind. I am proud to represent this company; I share their mission to help people feel better, to transform their lives and to make a positive difference in the world. I was also surprised to see just how NSP employees are exceptional people who constantly thank us for trusting them.

Thank you Nature's Sunshine for allowing us to live such amazing experiences.


Isabelle Langlois


First, receiving the prize is a great mark of recognition in and of itself of all the efforts we invested to develop our businesses.

Concerning the trip... we have been greeted with such a warm welcome, in spite of the 9 hours delay!

We have been treated extremely well all throughout our stay, as much by Steven Horne's conference, by our eagerly awaited visit of the laboratories and by Nature's Sunshine itself. This company really meets all of our expectations. They truly do meet the hype; it is a great company that genuinely cares about the quality of its products. I'm not disappointed in any way, save perhaps by our lack of time to ask questions! What touched me the most was to see all the employees who had worked in the lab for years. To me, it shows that this is a company that takes good care of not only its staff, but also everything else. The fact that we can witness first hand how the products are made and understand the various processes involved vouches for the transparency of the company.

The new research lab is fantastic, and all the employees look very proud of it! It shows how everyone is serious and dedicated to always remaining at the top of their game. More attention should be given to it in order to validate the credibility of the products even more.

After having made this trip, I can say I am very proud of having chosen this company!

We have also been really blessed afterward in Vegas, with the show O, the Appreciation Dinner and our stay in one of the best hotels in town.

Thanks again NSP!

Mélanie Monette

What a privilege to have had the chance to participate at Rising Star! We were spoiled by NSP. Visiting the laboratories and the main office was very impressive. Now, I understand even more why NSP is one of the best companies in Natural Health in the world. The quality of the products are tested in our laboratories, undergoing very strict: rules, regulations and tests. The laboratories are in modern settings and have the latest technology. We also got a chance to do some testing ourselves, which helped us understand what is done in the laboratories. The various conferences and workshops motivated me and helped me maintain my Gold level for June 2016.

Mélanie Monette