I-Inspire Trip 2018 – Caribbean Cruise aboard the Freedom of the Seas!

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Welcome aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas on a 6 night luxury cruise! Departing out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and featuring stops in George Town, Grand Cayman; Puerto Costa Maya & Cozumel, Mexico. The dates are April 8th to the 14th, 2018.

You will also enlarge your experience not just by your surroundings, culture, cuisine and adventure... BUT MORE...You will enlarge your vision, purpose, and desire to grow as a person and business, with presentations from top motivators, alternative health instructors, and the fellowship of other successful NSP Canadian Managers.

Check out this great video of what you can expect on this amazing ship!

Learn the details about our Caribbean Cruise on the Freedom of the Seas!


Qualification Period

Feb. 1st, 2017 – Dec. 31st, 2017

How to Qualify

The top 15 eligible I.Inspire point-earning accounts as of December 31st, 2017 will qualify for the 2018 I.Inspire Exotic Vacation.

Earning valuable Points through your business-building activities will qualify you for trip rewards and prerequisites to greater amenities.

I-Inspire Points

The qualification period is February 1st, 2017 – December 31st, 2017. Earn points in several business categories like sponsoring, retention and Manager development.

See rules for details.
Earn points by helping OTHERS (first level only) Points
Sign-Ups (Business Associates or Preferred Customers) under 100 PV in sign-up order 1
NEW Sign-ups (Business Associates or Preferred Customers) over 101 PV in sign-up order 10
Sunshine Rewards Enrollments (New & Existing members are eligible) 25
Ongoing Sunshine Rewards Orders Placed by 1st level customers 20
Breaking out a 1st level Manager for the 1st time during the qualification period 80
Reinstate Manager that Broke out during the qualification period 50
Maintain Manager that Broke out during the qualification period 50
Earn points when YOU do the following Points
Sign-up under 100 PV (1st Order) 1
Sign-up over 101 PV (1st order) 10
Enroll in the Sunshine Rewards Program 25
Place Ongoing Sunshine Rewards Orders 20
Break out as a NEW Manager for the 1st time during the qualification period 160
Break out and Reinstate as a Manager during the qualification period 50
Break out and Maintain Manager Rank during the qualification period 50

IN.FORM Activity Now Earns Points

  • NEW Complete IN.FORM certification for the 1st time: 150
  • Be a new IN.FORM coach running your 1st qualified group (Additional Points): 100
  • Be the Upline Manager (coach) to a new First-level coach who is running their 1st qualified group (Additional Points): 25
  • Run a qualified group (5 or more) each group for the first 3 groups: 50/group
  • Run a qualified group (5 or more) each group after the first 3: 100/group
  • Receive Pts. for each qualified group that your first-level coach runs: 50
  • Here’s what some of our I-Inspire leaders say about the program and how it has elevated their success.

    “It is fantastic to have won a place in the I-Inspire trip once more! I am delighted to go to Cabos along with my NSP friends.Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    - Noémie Bergeron - Silver Manager

    “Having an opportunity to assist many people to attain, and maintain health and wellness is a tremendous feeling! I am so grateful to be of service to my clients, and to provide leadership to my team of dedicated Associates and Managers! Earning I-IN.SPIRE is an amazing feeling! I recall the absolute thrill last year on the Cruise, and this year is the same…I AM TRULY BLESSED !!”

    - Lucy Taylor - Silver Manager

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