Nature’s Sunshine Success Stories

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Loretta Condruk

Diane McLaren

“NSP is my first choice. After extensive research, I decided to carry NSP as they have the best quality in the market. I love their herbal supplements and their total commitment to quality in every department. I truly love these remarkable herbs; everyday my respect increases as I see results achieved in others.” Learn more here.


Loretta Condruk

Yvonne Dollard

“I encourage my clients to go online for training videos and to learn about the products specials. By the way, I am loving the new oils that NSP offers and have been encouraging people to try them. I have my oil diffuser running every day. For me, that is the best way to share the oils when running a busy practice.” Learn more here.


Loretta Condruk

Loretta Condruk

“When someone brings up a health issue you will usually hear me say, ‘there’s a supplement that can help with that’.” Learn more here.



Tammy Holmes

“I grow my business by talking to people,” Tammy says. She has also gotten to know how the NSP business/marketing compensation plan works and how to use it. “Learning the numbers and how they work is important — I tripled my business once I understood where I was going and how to work the marketing strategy.” Learn more here.



Maria Loewen

“Being an IN.FORM Coach, and putting my clients through the 13-week IN.FORM program, allows me to further educate them in NSP products and sign them up on the Sunshine Rewards program. Through education and the IN.FORM program I continue to recruit and build Managers.” Learn more here.



Laurie Stewart

“The IN.FORM Program has opened up a wonderful new channel of Managers, products, education and prosperity. We now have nine Certified Coaches on our team and I know that there are more to come.” Learn more here.



Gladys Dueck

“I grow my business by educating people on the high quality products. I feel it is important to let people know that NSP is different from other companies. My business also grows as I’m an IN.FORM coach and get to spend time with my clients helping them on a one-to-one basis.” Learn more here.



Ramona Kossowan

“In growing my business I rely mostly on personal contact so when there is an NSP event nearby or if I host an herbal hour or an IN.FORM preview I reach out to all of my contacts through email, text, social media or phone calls to invite them. I have also created a business page on Facebook to promote IN.FORM. The IN.FORM program has been the best fit for me this past year. It aligns with my interests right now and it gets people talking when weight loss is involved. I build relationships in my community and share what I do, and over time as people get to know and trust me they will often become clients.” Learn more here.



Lisa Lancaster

“I grow my business by staying active at work and in the community developing caring and trusting relationships. I’m always planting seeds with people and inviting them to the next Herbal Hour or guest speaker. I also keep products on hand for people to try first. “I’m finding that social media and the internet are amazing tools to use in sharing NSP products and health information.” For Lisa, developing new managers happens naturally when people support and work in partnership with others. “We like to host Herbal Hours and share information over websites or webinars and communication on upcoming NSP promotions.” Learn more here.



Jean Dansereau

“For me, growing my business has always been about finding out which areas of health a person is most interested in and then channeling their passion with the products that would help them most succeed. Then helping them go and share with others what they love most. When you start with what you are most passionate about, then learning the rest comes so much more easily.” Learn more here.



Judith Cobb

“The main emphasis to growing my NSP business has been through teaching classes and workshops. I lost focus of that and stopped for many years and watched the business decline. That taught me the importance of information sharing and personal contact in this type of business. You need those two ingredients to make it work. Not surprisingly, I started back with workshops and meetings and I’m seeing slow but steady growth again.” Learn more here.



Valérie Bélanger

“I needed support in order to help me take care of my young child, so I used social networks in order to find it. On these networks there are a lot of mothers who are looking for solutions. I advise them and I invite them to book a phone consultation with me so we can discuss these things further. I frequently use a personalized URL with my member ID number. I also have a professional Facebook page and a blog where I discuss NSP products. These tools have helped me a great deal in building up my credibility.” Learn more here.



Bahar Mahmoudi

Bahar attributes much of her growth to the IN.FORM program. “I have steady walk-in customers that require the most up-to-date health information.” Learn more here.



Josée Landry

“I actually don’t look for clients,” says Josée, “clients just come to my practice.” Now, however, clients are introduced to the NSP opportunity of wholesale pricing and membership rewards. Josée has also expanded what she offers clients to include nutritional and alternative health choices through IN.FORM and herbology. Learn more here.



Ramila Padiachy DNM®, R.Ac

“Passion for what one does is the most important ingredient for success, everything else follows automatically.” Ramila believes that when you love what you do and walk your talk, it radiates through you. And when people feel that passion they want to emulate it in their own life. Learn more here.



Gene Orr

“The majority of my business growth has been through referrals. Through teaching nutrition and health courses, doing health consultations, and teaching Iridology courses, many people have come to know me and respect me. And when people get results and when people get educated, word spreads and people tell others about me and the NSP products. Another factor contributing to my business growth, is that I always work closely with and provide ongoing support for my associates and managers. I firmly believe that I can only succeed by helping others succeed.” Learn more here.



Guylaine Simard

“I’m always looking for opportunities to grow the business. I have a booth at all sorts of events and it always brings new customers and associates. The IN.FORM program has been a big plus for me and my business. It’s allowed me a method of following up with people and staying connected with them. When they find better health it gets them hooked and they keep coming back. I also find it helpful to be present on social media. Learn more here.


Kathy Deane


Kathy Deane

I t was 30 years ago that Kathy opened her alternative health clinic. At that time she only gave consultations and would send her clients on their way with a list of recommended herbs and supplements to purchase elsewhere. She soon realized that something wasn’t right with her approach: “It turned out I was getting over 60% of my clients back claiming their program was not working. I knew their program should work so what was the problem? Learn more about Kathy, including her 3 keys to success (PDF)




Christopher Opolski

With the herbal remedies/alternative health market having become very competitive, quality is of first importance, according to Christopher. “There is a large number of supplement retailers and manufacturers, but NSP quality beats them all.” Learn more about Christopher, including his 3 keys to success (PDF).



Carla Brown - Raglan, Ontario

“The business grew mostly through my clients telling others about me. But I also attended trade shows, was invited to speaking engagements and taught nutrition classes." Learn more about Carla, including her 3 keys to success (PDF).



Ingrid Heise - McBride, BC

In 2004 Ingrid opened a clinic in Edson, AB. Then in 2014, she moved to McBride, BC, to launch her ultimate dream of owning her own holistic wellness and healing retreat. Learn more about Ingrid, including her 3 keys to success (PDF).



Noemie Bergeron - Chelsea, Quebec

Noemie is the leader in Canada for Sunshine Rewards with 40 clients on the program. She is No. 3 in Canada for sponsoring Preferred Customers and No. 5 in Canada for sponsoring Business Associates into the company. Learn more about Noemie, including her 3 keys to success.



Isabelle Langlois - Montreal

“My first goal was to be healthy again. As the people around me saw the changes in my life, they started asking me for advice. Little by little, I started getting more confident in my ability to help others to be healthier." Learn more about Isabelle, including her 3 keys to success, here.



Tina Knockaert - Bruxelles, Manitoba

“You don’t have to be a practitioner. You just need to educate yourself on the products. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about the product, you can do it!” Learn more about Tina, including her 3 keys to success, here.



Mélanie Monette

Every time she meets someone, Mélanie shares her passion. By doing so, she sincerely wants to show to others that when we make proper dietary choices and use high quality supplements, our health can change tremendously, for the better. Learn more about Mélanie, including her 3 keys to success, here.



Deborah Ferguson

“The benefit of the NSP model is that there are a variety of ways in which to build the business. The first and most obvious way I developed my NSP business was by way of sales to my clients. Several clients wanted to continue to use the product well after there was no need to see me professionally. I opened accounts for many clients which allowed them to benefit from the many savings available from NSP. The Manager Equivalency program is a very good business tool for me.” Learn more about Deborah, including her 3 keys to success, here.



Charles Knockaert

For Charles, his attraction to NSP began when he personally experienced the change in his health. He knows and trusts the quality of NSP products and has confidence others will see results as he did. Learn more about Charles, including her 3 keys to success, here.

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