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A Nature’s Sunshine Membership gives you wholesale access to a selection of over 200+ high-quality supplements for your consultation business.

As a health and wellness consultant, your desire is to share only the best products available with your clients. Because they look to you for solutions to some of their life’s problems—whether it’s assistance with weight loss, energy gain, or improvement with their circulatory, digestive, cardiovascular, immune, or nervous systems—your clients (and you!) can trust that what’s listed on a Nature’s Sunshine label is indeed what is inside the bottle. And, what’s inside the bottle is created using only the strictest standards in purity and quality.

We’ve been creating efficacious products since 1972, so we have an extensive line of supplements and blends to chose from—all available to you at wholesale prices with a membership. [Learn how you can get a free membership]

But we’re here to not only help you and your clients achieve optimal well-being. It is also our goal to assist you with the training and tools you need to feel confident about answering their questions regarding our products while empowering you to build your practice. A few of the ways we do this is with the following:

Quality Products

It’s easy to sell something that you can truly believe in. Nature’s Sunshine makes it easy to sell our over 200+ products because each and every one of them is made under the strictest guidelines and using only the highest caliber standards in quality control. Learn more about our strict quality standards

Compensation and Rewards

Recognizing you for your hard work is something we take very seriously. And we want to you feel appreciated for what you do. Here is a list of some of the great rewards you’ll reap as part of the Marketing and Compensation plan:

  • Purchase products at wholesale prices (save up to 30% off retail)
  • Receive rebates up to 30% on product purchases (depending on rank)
  • Make commissions on purchases made by those you sponsor, and people that they sponsor for up to five levels
  • Advance in rank and qualify for bonuses
  • Enjoy monthly product discounts and specials
  • Qualify for exotic vacations and incentive trips, cruises and more!
  • Learn more about all of the ways you can earn with our Marketing Plan (PDF)

Health Education

Free monthly webinars on health and product education, plus regional meetings and an annual health conference you can attend for new product training, business guidance, support, and plain old fun.

Consultant Support

We have the collateral materials you need to advertise that Nature’s Sunshine products are available at your practice.

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