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BP-C (100 Capsules)

BP-C (100 Capsules)

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Product Guide

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  • Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients.

How It Works:

Nature’s Sunshine’s Chinese herbal combinations are based on 5000 years of Chinese herbal tradition. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes the use of herbal medicine, continues to provide primary healthcare throughout Asia even in these modern times.


Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains Reynoutria multiflora (fo-ti) root 35 mg; Ligustrum lucidum (nuzhenzi) fruit 34 mg; Rehmannia glutinosa (di huang) root 34 mg; Angelica sinensis (dong quai) root 33 mg; Ganoderma lucidum (ling zhi) fruiting body 33 mg; Lycium chinense (gou qi) fruit 33 mg; Bupleurum chinense (chai hu) root 28 mg; Cornus officinalis (shan zhu yu) fruit 28 mg; Curcuma longa (jiang huang) root 28 mg; Salvia miltiorrhiza (dan shen) rhizome 28 mg; Achyranthes bidentata (niu xi) root 24 mg; Alisma plantago-aquatica subsp. orientale (ze xie) rhizome 24 mg; Astragalus membranaceus (huang qi) root 24 mg; Atractylodes macrocephala (bai zhu) rhizome 24 mg; Selinum striatum rhizome 24 mg; Cyperus rotundus (xiangfu) rhizome 19 mg and Panax ginseng (ren shen) root 19 mg. Non-medicinal Ingredients:Gelatin.

Recommended Use:

Dosage (adults): Take 3 capsules 3 times daily with meals.

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