Purify Program

How toxic are you?

"Every Body Carries a Toxic Burden."
2015 CDC Report
If you eat, breathe and live in today's world, then you're already toxic! And those toxins affect your health in a variety of ways. With the new, revolutionary PURIFY 2.0 program, Nature's Sunshine has the answer to help you face our toxic world with confidence and health.

with the purify 2.0 program

See results in as little as 7 days!

Clinical results show that the purify 2.0 program:

Increases Heavy Metal Elimination
up to 76%
Lowers Gut Inflamation
by 35%
Reduces Cardiovascular Risk
by 22%
Improves Liver Function
by 21%
Improves General Health, Energy and Mental Focus
by 42%


it work?

When we focus on improving gut health, we can dramatically improve overall health and well-being.

Purify 2.0 uses four scientifically formulated products to do just that.


Produces superior levels of nitric oxide, which can improve energy production, physical stamina, brain circulation, healthy blood pressure and general blood flow.


Supports the elemination of heavy metals. It helps purify the gut and balances beneficial bacteria. It also supports healthy intestinal permeability by stengthening and tightening cellular junctions.

Bacillus Coagulans

Provides friendly bacteria to nourish and strengthen the gut microbiome.

Nature's Harvest

Helps to feed and strengthen the gut while building lean muscle mass. It also supports a healthy metabolism.

(Other Nature's Sunshine protein options are available.)

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Note: 2 bags of protein recommended for a month's supply

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Purify 2.0 Program Brochure

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Purify 2.0 Program Toxicity Questionaire

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