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Thousands of Nature’s Sunshine Consultants help people discover nature’s healing power every day, and you can too.

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Who Are Our Consultants?

Herbalists, Naturopaths and Holistic Healers who turn to nature’s power for their clients’ immediate and long-term health goals.

Health Coaches, Dieticians and Fitness Trainers who recommend natural supplements to enhance healthy and active lifestyles.

Owners of Herb Shops, Health Food Stores, and other business builders who promote natural remedies through traditional or online retail channels.

Join for the Benefits. Stay for the Rewards.

$40 Sign Up

Invest in your health and future and get exclusive tools and benefits to help you grow.

Fast Pay

Get paid within the hour when you share and when those in your organization make a purchase.*

Product Discounts

Maximize your savings with up to 45% off every time you purchase.


Choose your commitment level, set your own hours, and work the way you want to share and earn.


Give your friends health AND savings with 25% off their first purchase when you share.

Stress-Free Start Up

Just share and earn. We’ll do the rest, from shipping and support to getting you paid.

Professional Support

Get the help you need from Nature’s Sunshine professionals and service experts.

Free Shipping

Pay for your products, not gas. Get 2 FREE shipments each month!

Deals & Incentives

For Consultant’s eyes only: Special access to promotions, product offers and other perks!

Training & Education

Become an herbal guru with help from Nature’s Sunshine experts.

*We’ll help you set up your free PayQuicker Account to take advantage of Fast Pay. There’s no minimum payout, you can transfer earnings to your bank at any time, and you can even use your PayQuicker account like a debit card to make purchases!

Groundbreaking Compensation

Simple. Rewarding. Relevant. Fast.

Those are the core tenets of our new compensation plan. No offense to mathematics, economics or accounting majors, but you shouldn’t have to be one to understand how you get paid.

Our Compensation Plan makes it easy to see where your money is coming from. It’s easy to explain to prospective Consultants. And it’s easy to build and grow.

Offering avenues for regular consumers, social influencers and serious business builders to share and earn however they like, our Compensation Plan is more relevant than ever. And most important of all, no matter how you’re sharing and building, you’ll get generous rewards, and you’ll get them fast.

You could say our compensation plan is competitive, but that’s not quite right. Simply put, our plan blows the competition away.

Be a Force of Nature

Become a consultant to take advantage of these tremendous benefits and begin building a healthier, more secure future. And we’ll even help you get started.

When you sign up, we’ll send you a Starter Kit with special tools and informational materials to help you begin sharing nature’s healing power, and we’ll keep supporting you with additional training, tools and programs as you grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Someone Become A New Consultant?

Simply visit the Nature’s Sunshine website and purchase a Starter Kit. Each new Consultant will receive free shipping and a discount coupon they can use on their next order.

How Do I Earn Commissions As A Consultant?

Consultants earn commissions both by referring new Customers to Nature’s Sunshine and by developing a team of Customers and Consultants who purchase Nature’s Sunshine products. Eligibility for commissions is dependent on rank qualifications.

How Are My Commissions Calculated?

Commissions for product purchases made by Customers and Affiliates are based on the Customer/Affiliate Sharing Plan. For the individual who directly referred the purchasing Customer or Affiliate, commissions are based on the order cost (in local currency). All other eligible earners receive their commissions based on the Purchase Volume (PV) of the customer’s order.
Commissions for product purchases made by Consultants are based on the Consultant Plan, and are calculated using the Purchase Volume (PV) of the Consultant’s order.

When Are My Commissions Calculated?

Most commissions are calculated and awarded in near real-time. Additional earnings are available in some situations based on monthly qualifications, and these are awarded between the 10th and 15th of the following month.

How Do I Receive My Commissions?

Commission earners are invited to acquire a PayQuicker account. This gives each earner the ability to quickly access commissions and apply their earnings in a variety of ways. See “PayQuicker” section for details.