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Nature’s Sunshine

Nearly 50 years ago, Gene and Kristine Hughes planted the seeds that would become Nature’s Sunshine. 

Gene suffered from a nagging stomach condition until a friend suggested he take cayenne pepper to soothe his stomach. It seemed to help, but taking cayenne pepper by the spoonful proved a difficult task. At least until Kristine had a simple, brilliant idea. Why not put cayenne pepper into capsules? It had never been done before. No one had ever encapsulated the healing power of herbs. And that’s how their adventure began. 

Since 1972 Nature’s Sunshine has grown from a small, family-owned business to one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world. And it’s all built around you, you’re special. Your body, your life, your needs… it’s all unique to you. For a custom solution as unique as you are, we’ve made over 600 different products. From targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions, our natural health products feature the best raw ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.

From Nature, For You

Created from nature, and rooted in science, our remarkable products deliver extraordinary results—again and again. Our premium products can do much more than improve your health. They can transform your life.


Share the Healing Power

Nature’s healing power brings health, happiness and fulfillment, and sharing this with others is truly a gift. For some, that’s all that matters, but there’s more to it. By helping others discover a better life through nature’s power, you—and those with whom you share—can realize a more rewarding lifestyle.

“My health has never been better because of this company.”


“Nature’s Sunshine gave me back my zest and vitality so I could live life to the fullest.”


“The BEST feeling in the world is hearing I changed someone's life.”


Why Nature’s Sunshine?

For more than 50 years, people have trusted and recommended Nature’s Sunshine for their health and wellness needs because our powerful supplements have delivered results time and time again.

Fueled by the best of traditional herbal wisdom blended with modern understanding and scientific study, they’re both safe and effective, making it easy to share with confidence and conviction.

We’ve made a better, healthier world by helping people feel the power of nature in their lives. And you can, too.

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