Artemisia Combination

  • Traditionally supports the intestinal system, creating a friendly environment
  • Features non-GMO botanicals
  • Kosher-certified blend

Why Artemisia Combo?

This power-packed botanical blend features a host of clean herbs. Like sustainably sourced sweet wormwood from China. This protective nutrient is non-GMO, vegan and Kosher-certified, and it’s thoroughly examined for any pesticides, heavy metals or microbes by both the supplier and by Nature’s Sunshine’s QA team. Better ingredients mean a better blend…so you can feel the power of nature.

Key Ingredients

Elecampane root
mugwort aerial parts
clove flower buds
sweet wormwood aerial parts
The Story behind Artemisia Combination. Greeks and Romans used elecampane for a number of things, including digestive and respiratory concerns. Hippocrates advocated it for the kidneys, brain, uterus and stomach. Roman author, naturalist and military commander Pliny said that eating elecampane daily would “help digestion and cause mirth.” And we all need a little more mirth. Mugwort was used anciently by the Chinese and the Greeks. During the Middle Ages, this herb was a key ingredient in gruit, a blend of herbs used to flavor beer. It may have even been named for this, as beer is traditionally served in a mug. Clove flowers grow on tropical evergreen trees in Indonesia, Madagascar and Tanzania. They have a history of traditional use and are linked with oral health. Sweet wormwood was used traditionally in a drink made with anise and fennel to soothe digestion. As the name implies, this herb is often used in cleansing programs to ward off the unwanted.

Elecampane root, mugwort aerial parts, clove flower buds, garlic bulb, ginger rhizome, spearmint leaves and flowers, turmeric root, olive leaf extract and sweet wormwood aerial parts.


Take 2 capsules with a meal three times daily for 10 days, then discontinue use for 5 days. Repeat this cycle (10 days on, 5 days off) for up to 60 days. For best results, use with Para-Cleanse.

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