• Used traditionally for intestinal system support 
  • Contains juglone, which may help to repel unwanted intestinal invaders 
  • Featuring Kosher, wild-crafted hulls from the US Appalachian region 

Our black walnut hulls grow in the eastern half of the US where local wild-crafters gather the hulls primarily by hand. They start off half green but turn completely black. Hulls are carefully dried and stored in a clean, controlled environment. A shortage of wild-crafters has made the material more difficult to harvest. Our black walnut hulls are certified Kosher. 

Key Ingredients

Black Walnut
Traditions hold that Native Americans used many parts of the black walnut tree, including the nuts, bark, leaves and hulls. They found them effective for skin support, nervous system health and for providing targeted intestinal system support. As far back as 400 years ago, black walnut was used by herbalists for targeted detoxification.

Black walnut unripe hulls


Take 2 capsules twice daily with a meal.

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